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Monday, December 2, 2013

Bigfoot under spyglass
What will it take?

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

Bigfoot Undercover
What Will It REALLY Take To Find Them?

"Do you know what it’s really going to take to find real evidence of Bigfoot?" my friend, author, and videographer Philip Spencer recently asked me in a conversation we’ve revisited many times.

"What?" I asked with only somewhat renewed curiosity. The subject’s become a bit overstated, over-used, over-discussed. We all know the answers we’ve heard and talked about ourselves. But Philip, being a woodsman himself from rural Kentucky, and having spent much of his early life in the wilderness of the Daniel Boone National Forest, had something different to say.

"Well, no one’s probably going to do this, but somebody needs to go out into the most remote areas of wilderness and live out there for months…or maybe even years like an animal. Become part of the landscape. Integrate into the wild to the point that every living thing there gets used to you being there and hopefully even comfortable with you being there."

"Kind of an extreme Jane Goodall approach?" I asked.

"Something like that," Philip said. "But you’d have to have a master plan in place. You’d have to be an expert woodsman, tracker, and survivalist. I mean a hard-core survivalist. One that could almost walk into the wild naked and be able to survive with next to nothing."

"That would be the ultimate hunting expedition," I acknowledged, feeling sure that I’d never have to worry about reporting it in my lifetime, because no one would be willing to take on such a task. It would be the ultimate sacrifice from a very special kind of person that might have to dedicate a lifetime to the cause.

He continued. "You’d also have to be prepared to get dirty and stay that way. You’d be too cold or too hot and generally uncomfortable, and you’d be focused on survival and finding food most of the time…just like any other animal out there. While at the same time, you’d have to be tech-savy and carry cameras and other surveillance and evidence-collecting equipment without being obvious about it. It wouldn’t be easy, but it could be done…by the right person."

I began thinking about the possibilities and other skills that would be valuable. Military stealth, such as a background as a military sniper or special forces would be helpful. Someone who had been used to living in hiding for long periods; someone with infinite patience and determination. Yes, it would take a special individual to pull off such a feat.

So is it out of the realm of possibility?

Absolutely not. All throughout history, there have occasionally been individuals determined and albeit crazy enough to do what might be considered the unthinkable in order to gain knowledge or prove a point.

But IF someone were willing to try, would this even work?

"It very well could work," Philip said. "But it would take a huge sacrifice."

Huge sacrifice indeed. The idea is to get close enough to a creature that has demonstrated immeasurable intelligence and a low level of trust in the humans known as homo sapiens in order to get good evidence that would hold up in the scientific community. This person would have to be prepared to suffer a lot and do anything it took, no matter what in order to get what’s needed.

It would have to be done in secret so there would be no interference from hoaxers or unwanted attention from curious onlookers. It would require good sponsorship and outside support of all kinds from other committed individuals.

But most of all, it would require a person with no other agenda except finding proof. Since the project could take years or even a lifetime undercover and in secret, this person could not hope for any monetary gain, fame, or recognition any time soon. And since there is always the outside possibility of failure, maybe never.

Or as Philip said, "Fame and attentions seekers need not apply. Serious inquiries only."
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  1. ...And what proof must be brought back to prove BFs existence? Answer: a body! No photo, footprint or mere individual sighting will do. Not sure on how that might fly, but there's no other way.


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