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Monday, November 4, 2013

Legend of Big Muddy Monster
Big Muddy Monster
This image above is the original artist rendering of "Big Muddy Monster", but I took a little time to colorize the image to give it a little life. I do not know who the original artist was so I do not know who to credit.

The story of Big Muddy Monster is a pretty interesting one and it leads me to believe the sightings were of our big hairy friend, Bigfoot.

It all started on June 24, 1973 when Randy Needham and Judy Johnson heard some frightening screams coming from the woods near Big Muddy River just south of  Murphysboro, Illinois.
The screams continued until the creature was close enough for the young couple to get a look at it.
They later described the creature as being 7 foot tall, walking on 2 legs and covered in mud matted hair.
Randy fired up the car and drove straight to the Murphysboro police department and the couple told the police about what they had saw. Police chief Ron Manwaring along with other officers and Randy Needham returned to the area to search for the creature. All that was found was some light footprints.

At around 2 am the officers and Needham were back in the parking area just beyond the woods where the young couple had been parted, when a loud scream came from the forest. Needham told the police that it was the same sound he and Judy had heard earlier.
Over the next few week more reports of strange sounds and sightings came in to the police.

After the second encounter was reported, a German Shepard was use by the police to track the creature. The dog picked up the scent and led them to an old barn but a search of the barn didn't reveal the creature. The couple in the second encounter described the creature as being 7-8 foot tall, walking on 2 legs and being dirty white.

Then on July 7th a report came from a carnival owner that the creature was seen close to some ponies.  The ponies became frighten and were trying to break free from their ropes. This report was kept quite for fear of disturbing customers.  Again the creature was described as over 7 foot tall, walking on 2 legs and having light brown hair all over it's body.

One last sighting happened a few months later as a local trucker reported seeing the creature a few miles southwest of town near the Mississippi River. There were some plaster cast made of  some track left behind by the creature but the Big Muddy Monster was not seen again.

According to now retired police chief Manwaring the case remains open and unsolved.
The tracks found at the first sighting was said to be 3-4 inches deep, 3 inches wide and 10-12 inches long.

Loren Coleman studied the case and was quoted as saying "I think it's within the context of other reports of a Bigfoot."

In my opinion I would guess this to be a white bigfoot who after roaming around the muddy banks of the river became covered in the mud giving it the pale white/brown look.  As to why it was not seen in that area again, well I guess that remains a mystery or any reports submitted called it a bigfoot.

During researching for this post I noticed that police chief Ron Manwaring's name was spelled a couple different ways. Some spelled it Manwaring and others Monwaring, Now this does not discredit the story in any way and is most likely just a spelling error.


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