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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Another fake bigfoot
Well, while waiting for my Windows 8 upgrade to download today, I was surfing the web and ran across the above photo. I could tell the photo is a fake and the bigfoot in the photo is just a reversed cropped image of Patty from the Roger Patterson footage. I continued on to the article to see if someone was trying to pass this off as real and sure enough it seems that way.

Here is the "report" the came with the photo:
"This Wednesday I was behind my house in Jefferson Hills near Jefferson Hospital going hunting like I usually do on Wednesdays, and as I was walking to my treestand, i heard a bunch of large branches and sticks cracking and making noise. I proceeded to look around from where the loud noises were comming from and I started to hear some loud ape like noise comming from around 40 yards away. The closer I got I got a good look at the large animal which looked like Bigfoot, or Hominid-like creature. I quickly rushed to get a picture with my phone. I believe that the animal was bigfoot. At first i was in disbelief of what I saw because i truely dont believe in a big foot but i looked closer at the photos and am positive that it is no creature that i have seen like it, not even a bear.

Contact: dev.cole@gmail.com


- end "report"

If you wish to view the actual web page you can do so by Clicking Here

It is just beyond me why this photo and story is even attempted to be passed off as real or maybe it's a satire site and I just didn't see the declaimer.

I wonder, do people do this just to try and get on TV? or is it just for kicks and giggles?

Well, whatever the reason I just wanted to bring it to peoples attention that a new fake report is being made.
It seems like when an obvious fake is presented there is always a few who want to fight and argue that it is real. We waste a lot of time debating fake videos and photos, which takes away from possible real videos and photos.

It's a vicious cycle sometimes.



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Tuesday, November 05, 2013 No comments » by Thomas Marcum
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