Wednesday, November 27, 2013

2 More Bigfoot Reports From Kentucky

Squirrel Hunter see a bigfoot
Mock up of the sighting

This report shared by our friends at Appalachian Bigfoot of KY and VA. Make sure to give their facebook page a visit.

This is 2 sightings by Jonathan Isom, as he reported them to Appalachian Bigfoot of  KY and VA. This is in the Letcher county area of Kentucky.

-Start Reports-
"My name is Jonathan Ison and I live in the hills and hollers of Letcher co Kentucky.
Today I want to share my stories of sightings of Bigfoot that I encountered while hunting in the Premium and UZ area.

Now I know that there is a lot of non believers in the world, but for me it's as real as God to me. Well I'll go ahead and get started.
My first encounter was when I was about 12 years old and I was squirrel hunting in a holler in Premium alone. I had hunted all morning and I was headed to the house on my way out of the hills I got an odd feeling that something was following me and I could also hear it behind me, but every time I turned to see what it was I didn't see anything .

It wasn't until about the third time I turned that I actually seen what it was and I couldn't believe my eyes, I was so young I was scared and I didn't know what to think because there standing before me was a monster in my eyes .
It was standing at about seven foot tall and had dark brown and black hair all over it and I also noticed that it had opposable thumbs. When I noticed that it wasn't there to hurt me , he turned and walked away and as he did I noticed that he had a darker colored main on his back from the top of his head to the bottom of his back . But as my heart was still pounding I got nervous and ran all the way home .
Premium, Letcher county, KY
My second encounter however was in the year 2006 and it was just like yesterday. I had got hurt in the mines in August 2005 and I was just learning to walk on crutches and it was turkey season so I decided to go and try to hunt, but in my condition I couldn't go alone for safety reasons. With all that said I had to take my cousin Casey Brown with me .
Well we was riding the four wheeler through the woods and got close to my spot when he ask me what that smell was, and ask me if I had past gas and I laughed and said no and then I smelled it and ask him and he said no as well. The smell was horrible it was like I mix between sewer and deer guts and vomit it was and awful smell it was breath taking .
As we turned the curve at about 20 yards from us sitting in the road kneeling on one knee was a creature as it stood it was also around 7 foot but instead of being dark brown and black he was a lighter color with a white pale face, it looked sick but in a hurry, after a few minutes of a stair off he turned and walked over the hill.
As he left we noticed that he also had a main but it was Snow White. My cousin was amazed he didn't know what to think and couldn't speak and all I could say was I told u, I told u, I told u he was real. I've also heard moans and groans in that same area of UZ and Premium ."
-End Reports-
[Note: This is the original witness write up, I only made a few spelling corrections]

Thanks goes to Appalachian Bigfoot of  KY and VA and Mr. Isom for sharing the reports with us.


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