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Monday, July 1, 2013

Bongo is disappointed
Dr. Ketchum Disappoints Bongo and many other people 

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

Proof Of Bigfoot?
News On The Ketchum DNA Results
By TCC Team Dorraine Fisher

            To all who’ve been holding out hope for concrete proof of the existence of sasquatch through Dr. Melba Ketchum’s DNA evidence collection can stop hoping. It’s pretty much a done deal…and a wash.

            According to Eric Berger’s science blog, Sciguy, he had a good constructive conversation with Dr. Ketchum, who made him think maybe the subject was worth pursuing further.  He solicited the opinions of several geneticists to examine the results of the paper when it was called into question by many after it was published earlier this year in a less-than-reputable journal that had only been created a week before the paper’s publication. Their conclusions: “At best, the evidence was inconclusive.”

            Berger said he solicited this panel on the advice of a geneticist in Texas he knows personally and he guaranteed is top in his field. He declined to name names because, he said, Some of his [the geneticist’s] peers would question his engagement on such a topic, believing it unworthy of valuable research time.”

            Berger agreed to delay writing anything on the topic until these geneticists had made their determinations. And they said it was a mix of opossum and some other species.’ Not what we were hoping for at all. We can only hope the Sykes study will glean something worth all our time spent wondering. ******DF

[Link: Sciguy blog]

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  1. there is nothing backing up his story,
    no lab reports,they don't even have a name
    of a scientist that did the testing,
    sounds like he was told off by ketchum
    and is acting on revenge.

  2. Yeah, right. She hasn't provided any documentation, either. Her coauthors are silent and she has refused to provide the data to anyone for open evaluation, which would have been the case had she published in a real journal.

  3. It's all another hoax and a money grab. Ketchum wasted some good samples.

  4. This "professional" writer and her BS story are a prime example of what's wrong with Bigfoot research and those who claim to be the "experts" in the field.
    You run this stupid story, jumping the gun without hearing both sides and now that both sides are out, it's obvious what really went down.
    But you were so quick to drink the kool-aid and throw up a nice "professional" piece here to draw attention to a crappy blog that is in dire need of attention, that you resulted in egg on your face.
    Great job, by the way....you can start every piece with "professional" or "expert" or "many magazines" or any other nice tidbits to help boost your views but it won't help, because like a wise man learned a long time ago and Life is teaching you now......you can run with a lie for attention and views all you want, but truth will catch up to you eventually.

    Funny how the truth caught up to you before the week ended haha.

    Professional writer my ass......pa-lease what a joke.
    Looks like YOU.....were the wash out!

    1. Actually we also ran dr. Ketchum's statement. If you want to talk about drinking kool aid, it sounds as if you have had a gallon or more from Ketchum. The DNA Paper proved NOTHING. I personally think there were several good samples but it appears they were wasted. The DNA paper did not convince anyone that bigfoot is real.
      Your stupid rant post is just an example of "Hate the message, kill the messenger".

      How can you say the post was a "lie" that was the story he put out, maybe you should save your rant for him. So go over to Eric Berger’s science blog and play tough guy.


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