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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

!! UPDATE 2 !! - DNA paper is available to read for  a fee of $30 on the web link below.

The Newest word on the Dr. Ketchum DNA study is that it will publish soon, maybe as soon as Friday. The words "buckle up" were posted by Dr. Ketchum on her facebook page and it has caused a big stir.

Reportedly the paper will be published by DeNovo , Website Here, but some are saying that they have never heard of this scientific journal and neither have I.
Some have even said that the website was only created like one week ago. If so this will surly raise many red flags for the much questioned DNA study. The report of the site only being created a week ago was stated by The bigfoot show.

Info from Brad Vincent, Jr (Thanks Brad)

Registered through: GoDaddy.com, LLC (http://www.godaddy.com)
      Created on: 04-Feb-13
      Expires on: 04-Feb-14
      Last Updated on: 04-Feb-13


Proof the website was created at the first of this month.

!! Update!! - It appears that this Scientific Journal (Denovo) is not an established, well known Journal.  This could mean that Melba is going to Self Publish, which in most peoples eyes will make the findings totally worthless.  I hope all this turns out to be some bad information but time will tell.

So I guess there will be more on this over the next few days.


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Tuesday, February 12, 2013 2 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. Science and scientists alike have snubbed their nose to the research of sasquatch for as long as I know. I give credit for Melba for assembling a highly qualified team, and for giving a platform for future studies to go to. Sasquatch is ground breaking and deserves its own journal! I would not give a sniff to any "white collared" journal, that think they are so above "sasquatch", any chance to make any money off of this or gain any recognition. The science will speak for itself! If it doesn't, we will all find out soon enough. Good for her, and her team of scientists, doctors and universities that have put their name behind this!

  2. Until and when the Ketchum paper is peer reviewed by a legitimate publication, her findings cannot be substantiated or refuted. It remains in limbo, sadly. Self-publishing be creating your own online journal hardly passes the scientific sniff test.

    She faces a very uphill battle getting the established journals to give her the time of day, as most scientists and researchers have long written off the possibility of sasquatch (due to peer, institutional and corporate pressure).

    Perhaps self-publishing will put pressure upon scientific journals to reconsider their position of refusal to review, but I doubt it. She's shopped her paper just about everywhere, to unanimous rejection.


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