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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rick Dyer wins award from Facebook/FindBigfoot. Do you agree or disagree with the selection?

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013 8 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. Wait.....this isn't the award for biggest fraud ever?? What a joke!

  2. WHAT IN TH HELL? FB/FB are ass clowns to give an award to a fraud, a criminal and a supposed killer.

    1. He has a body = best bigfoot tracker going, of course hes going to win the award, what do you expect (bitter much) yeah he killed one and thats pretty sad but it had to happen at some point. So what if he hoaxed in 2008 people can and do change all the time. Iv spent alot of time watching Rick Dyer and all his vids, radio etc and he actually seems honest and a nice guy. All the shit I have heard about him seems not to be true.. When people are jealous they bull shit about people and I think in most parts this has happened to Rick.. So good on him is what I say!!

  3. I find this "award"very disturbing. It solidifies the notion that Bigfooting has become commercialized like "professional" wrestling. It has become a business, that is selling information, blog sites, radioshows and yes books! I am afraid FBFB is cashing in on a money making bonanza. They have a lot and I mean lot of people following them that believes that they "are" the one stop shopping for all bigfoot information and "facts". Using this platform, they feed their audiences with hope with lies and bits of truths with hints and the general population fills in the rest and the next thing you know the masses are making assumptions. All in all, it sells books, and website hits. The latest one, is that they are not saying, but a few moles have planted the idea, that they have seen the body.

    As for Dyer, well everyone remembers the 2008 hoax, well that has been beaten to death. Well, Dyer is using it as the bad boy in WWBigfooting to sell the bad boy image against the goldenseal boys. Notice the trash talk of Meldrum and anyone who is respected in the BF community. It is a circus show and Dyer, Musky, Noel, FBFB are all playing this for the gullibility and $$$$$ of the casual BF enthusiast.

    For Dyer to see the light and "see" a Bigfoot in 2009 and become a true believer and start being a BF tracker in honest, he sure does sound sincere in his January 23, 2010 blogtalk show where he "brags" about how he don't understands how people can believe this, but they will pay him $500 per expedition, and then $100 for the camping equipment. He goes on to brag about on those "expeditions" they would find hair.......footprints....... And yeah have one or two sightings. He goes on to tell how he has a friend in a "real good" suit runs through the wood s in the distance. Yeah BF researcher material if I see it.

    As for 90 expeditions and some in foreign countries, he has also stated that he does not go in the woos for 3 or 4 days but 10 days at a time.

    Ok, let's say for the argument, he did start in 2009 thru 2012 that is 3 years, that is 1095 days.

    Ok 90 expeditions at 10 days at a time, well you can do the math. Also figure in travel. Lol

    Leave all the past records alone, but watch his radio shows, and ask yourself, is this what we want America to see as "our" choice to represent "us" as a Bigfoot community.

    I vote NO!!!!!

    1. I think the link you are referring to is


  4. You'd think they would wait until he proves he's not hoaxing for the fourth time before they gave the award!

    If he is, they just put the last nail in their own coffin....

  5. Pretty funny skit, Dick can hardly keep a straight face.


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