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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bigfoot is Dead!
The Tent Video Bigfoot that was reportedly killed by Rick Dyer has now been confirmed by skeptic Musky Allan as being real!
For many in the bigfoot community their worst fears have come true , Rick Dyer killed a bigfoot.

Here is the interview conducted by Facebook/FindBigfoot

Part 2

So this now appears to be totally true.
Thanks to all that have been involved in this and for sharing information.


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  1. Show us the damn evidence!!!!

  2. Well, you have persuaded me it's real. Too bad, and yet I am so tired of circus BFers, especially pro-killers, hopefully this will end the Race.
    Thanks for this prompt update, and your diligence.

  3. I dunno, I am half way into the second interview and nothing I have heard so far is new wrt to BF witness reports, and some elements seem staged or unavailable for inspection.
    Hard to imagine such a convincing model to any observer. Would a guy like Musky cooperate with a film company for a fee?
    How far would a film company go to do a documentary on Bigfooters and their psyches?
    We'll see. After the Sierra Kills/ Ketchum never ending story and still no evidence and this 'body" destined for a Film Festival Release? geee...

    1. I don't think Musky would ruin his rep as being a hardcore skeptic but who knows I guess. At this point it appears to be real . I have tried to follow the story and keep everyone posted and many times I've been attacked for it.

  4. Wow, Soo Sad but I understand @ sum point this HAD to happen. I just hope that they put this out there into the public so that everyone knows that Bigfoot IS real & all the bounties on Bigfoots heads are pulled down!!! Please go public ASAP!

  5. 6 comments???....That about sums it up..... Cough (hoax)

  6. It's not the first bigfoot killed in TX, at least two others were killed in the 70's........

    You can't murder an animal! BF is NOT Man!


  8. Considering Rick Dyers past, then taking into account this Musky Allen's beliefs, why is it that nobody seems able to think that it is a real possibility that these two are in on a hoax together? Bigfoot believers are without doubt the most trusting/gullible people on the planet. Until actual evidence is shown/made available then assume its a fake.

    In the words of House M.D. "Everybody Lies" so don't be surprised if this is the case here

    1. I just posted this same sentiment on Find Bigfoot page on Facebook. You have a troll, non believer hanging out around the FB page and them allowing him to tout his non believing BS...then this hoaxer is suddenly found to be friends with Dick Dyer. Then Dick Dyer has another body and allows his troll friend to come vouch for him. Sounds like all three are in on it.

  9. You supposedly have a sasquatch body, and there's no pictures? And I'm not sure I want to trust a man named "Musky".

    I call B.S.

  10. What are musky's qualifications? He has claimed 30 years? How come we haven't heard of him before 3 years ago?

    What makes someone selected by Dyer to "see" the body the most credible piece of evidence out there?

    Anybody can say I saw one. Is that evidence?

  11. Nearly an hour of interviewing and zero mention about how it was killed, and the resulting wound and/or damage done by the bullet(s)?!!!

    Find Bigfoot+Musky+Dyer+no evidenc= collaborated hoax

    1. That is already known ... shot in the neck/head area

  12. You actually believe what you said about TX? Have any evidence?

  13. Anon...it is called "due diligence"...


    live and let live

    Steve Summar

  14. Yes we know it was shot. But a 30-06 makes a significant exit wound which I think would be something to take note and discuss. Yet no mention!

  15. Actually Musky already released a statement about the "wound" and the mouth etc... on Facebook today!

    So many of you are so quick to speculate in such a negative fashion, over why certain things aren't answered, yet if every single detail was answered and discussed, you'd all then be claiming it was too rehearsed and fake blah blah blah. You just can't please everyone....

  16. In response to the many claims of being involved in a hoax, the gunshot wounds, why he was involved and not an expert scientist etc, Musky Allen has written the following statement:

    ""Sorry i've been away from my computer. After reading many comments all over the web, i feel it necessary to clear up a few things. My interview everyone listened too was limited due to time constraints and restrictions i was permitted to speak about . There was an autopsy, yes. The 3 shaven areas was where the incisions where made. The body cavity including organs has been removed and preserved. A partial embalming was performed on the specimen (i dont know details on this however). I have no idea if this creature is or has been frozen pryor to our arrival. On the reported gun shot wounds, there was an exit wound (this area was edited out from my original interview) however i couldn't verify collateral damage to the mouth area other than cut's and some possible torn skin in and around the mouth region, otherwise intact. I didnt think this was significant considering the mouth was shut, it may have had it's teeth missing, i have no idea. I'd also like to mention about people's comments on why my word isnt important like 'Jeff Meldrums' would be, and that i was paid to lie!! Fact is, I exhausted myself to try and arrange Jeff Meldrum to accompany me with repeated emails...Instead his ego and greed was more important requesting his 'Standard' appearance fee (in the tune of $5,500 even though there was to be no filming) paid accommodations, and full travel expenses paid was the response. Based on that, Meldrums scientific approach was about 'Getting paid' to use his name, NOT to validate any discovery which i tried to do!! Lastly, I'll say this again. I 100% stand behind what i saw, this was a Sasquatch!""

  17. 'Squatches travel through portals into other dimensions which is why one has not, and will not, ever be caught on anything other than a few frames of film. As soon as you shoot at it, it portals out. The Mystery Adventure Crew already covered this in their Bigfoot episode here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjCFt0t9Cbs (NSFW - language)


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