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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Home of bigfoot

I got a report via email from Daphne about 2  possible bigfoot sightings.
Here is the report.

Daphne -
"In 1995 I was standing on my back porch looking towards the woods which were a block down from my house. This section had been clear cut and only stumps and very few trees were present.
I saw something move and first thought it was a bear. It took a few steps and stood there looking around, it seemed relaxed and just enjoying the view.
I ran into my house and grabbed my camera with a telephoto lens. I zoomed in on it and realized it was not a bear, it was a Bigfoot, it's shoulders and arms were HUGE.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing, realizing I didn't have any film in my camera, I watched a few more minutes because I wasn't sure I had extra film.
I finally went back into the house for a short time digging frantically for film but was not lucky enough to find any.
When I went back out it was gone. I was so creeped out, I went inside and locked the door.  I wasn't sure if it saw me as well and was coming to get me!!!
Funny thing, my house was in the foothills of MT. St. Helens.  I lived in Kelso, WA right outside Longview where, I believe it was Paul Freeman, who saw his first Bigfoot. My house was up a hill, on Ostrander Rd.
AT the end of my road you could go into the woods and take trails all the way to Mt St Helen's. I don't have a doubt about what I saw!"

Hiawatha National Forest

Here is Daphne's second possible encounter -

"Even funnier, I think I saw one in upper Michigan in the Hiawatha Forrest when I was a teenager, mid-eighties. 
We were driving from a friends cottage and we saw one walk across the dirt road in front of our car, he stopped the car and we watched it walk into the woods.
We sat there in silence for a few minutes then he looked at me and said that was a damn Bigfoot and we just laughed and were in awe and then we never really talked about it after that.
It's just unbelievable.  I tell people I've seen Bigfoot and they just laugh at me and all I can do is laugh with them. What can you say?  You really can't explain it. 

Anyway, I just wanted to report the sighting in Kelso WA. Neighborhood of Rollingwood off of Ostrander Rd.  Late summer of 1995."

Thanks to Daphne for sharing the sightings with us. It is important to get all possible sightings logged and reported. It may help others to come forward and it gives locational areas to where bigfoot could possibly be staying.


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