Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Large Rock Stack Done By Bigfoot?

Still Frame from the video
This is a great Rock Stack filmed by William Evans. This was from a video he took in 2009.
Sasquatch are associated with these rock stacks, just what are they for sure is kind of a mystery. Rock stacks could be some form of markers or just perhaps a past time for sasquatch.
Mr. Evans is also the one who filmed the baby sasquatch in the craw of a tree, which we featured a little while back.

Here is the video that has his beautiful rock stack in it.

Here is an enhanced version of the Baby bigfoot in a tree video


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1 comment:

  1. Those aren't made by Bigfoot. They are called curn trails and are used by climbers and other outdoorsmen to mark a trail where one would not normally be visible. If you stand beside one and look around carefully you should be able to find the next curn. It's sort of like a giant connect the dots game.


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