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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Janice Carter Connection
Salley Ramey Sets The Record Straight
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

            There have been many rumors swirling around about Sally Ramey, Dr. Melba Ketchum’s former publicist, and her association with Janice Carter of the controversial Carter Farm bigfoot stories. Janice Carter Coy, as she was known then, became a prominent figure in the case for bigfoot when she shared some striking details about the creatures for a National Geographic special from having spent years with them living near her farm in Tennessee. Some of those details have been found to be valid by other researchers, and she was known to have had associations with Russian hominologist, Dr. Igor Burtsev, and Will Duncan. But when she proclaimed the creatures spoke a language, albeit English, it sent many in the bigfoot world to question her validity. And it’s left anyone who has associated with her, like Sally Ramey, to also come under scrutiny.  So with so many untruths circulating about her, Sally felt it necessary to set the record straight about her relationship to the Carter case. This is her statement to The Crypto Crew:

            “In 2008, I met Janice Carter at Don Keating’s Bigfoot Conference at Salt Fork State Park in Ohio. I subsequently visited her in Tennessee a few times and went into the field with her. During these visits I heard many vocalizations, but never saw a Bigfoot.
            During one of these visits, I learned that Jan and her little girl had fallen on hard times and were about to become homeless. She had no family support, no means of supporting herself, and after contacting all local public services, nowhere to go. She had always claimed to have multiple health issues, and I can confirm that this was true. I also witnessed unusual symptoms that concerned me.
            I provided Jan and her daughter with a home for more than two years. I helped Jan get medical attention that confirmed an undiagnosed brain injury from a brutal beating she had received several years before. This is referenced on her Facebook page in one of her notes. I supported Jan and her child while she received proper medical care and pursued therapy as well as disability benefits. They now live with Jan’s fiance in Tennessee.
            During my association with Jan, we did field research with a number of individuals in four states. We also made several attempts to visit Fox (the bigfoot Janice claimed to have spoken to before) – all failures.
      The last attempted visit was in the summer of 2010, when Jan believed Fox to be ill. No one else was there – just me, Jan and her daughter. We heard one distant whoop. Nothing else happened and we left to visit with her fiance.
     It has been a long time since I have heard from Jan and she is rarely active on FB.
While I stand by my own experiences, I make no claims re:[regarding] Jan's experiences and can only report what she told me about her family's habituation history.”

[Special Thanks to Sally Ramey for giving TCC the Exclusive.]
[TCC Did a small interview with Janice Carter a few months back. You can read it HERE]

©The Crypto Crew

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  1. Thanks for this, the story sounded like BS on RL.

  2. I'm really pleased that you allowed a place for the person being spoken about to actually set the record straight. I'm so tired of the ridiculous stories buzzing around in the BF world. It's worse than middle school. I appreciate Ms Ramey coming forward and revealing this and clearing it all up. It would seem that the chatty men of the BF world have a real issue with the females in the field and it shows in their caddiness. We all know who the big mouths are and what sites and "pseudo celebrities" are who are perpetuating this rumor mill and it should stop with good sites like this that allow for the reality to come forward. You have a devoted reader now.

    1. Thanks Sharon! I try to be fair. There is way too much trashing of people in general. Thanks again.

  3. Sasquatchery...

    I have worked with Sally Ramey and Janice Carter, on a variety of projects over the years. Sally's account is forthright, accurate, and honest.

    Sally is a public relations professional with a superb work ethic, I trust her...which is more than I can say about most folks in Sasquatchery.

    Myself and others were instrumental in Sally becoming a pro bono public relations publicist, for Dr. Melba Ketchum, a thankless year long task for which Sally has been unfairly castigated.

    There are many unappreciated heroes in Sasquatchery, and history will clearly show...Sally is one.

    There is no statute of limitations on homicide...stop the slaughter.

    live and let live...

    Steve Summar

    1. From a public enthusiast view, the new publicist behaves like a "es-man, which seems a red flag. Nothing professional as we saw from Sally.

  4. Is that what happened? My membership to the "Ketchum Protection" group was removed. I didn't notice until a few days ago because I don't post there. I went to see what the talk was about the Dryer thing and discovered my unceremonious deletion. Guess the need to team up and protect Sasquatch only extends to those who (insert word for blank) with Ketchum.

  5. Sally. Thank you for helping Janice & her daughter. There's a special place in Heaven for people like yourself.

  6. The government will soon disclose to the American people and to the world that scientifically undocumented hominids do exist and live amount us on this planet. The US Government has known about these creatures and have extensive research and studies going on for over 60 years.

  7. The government will soon disclose to the American people and to the world that scientifically undocumented hominids do exist and live amount us on this planet. The US Government has known about these creatures and have extensive research and studies going on for over 60 years.


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