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Monday, December 10, 2012

Bigfoot DNA Paper Update

Over the last week, there has been a war of words over the expected results and publishing of the Dr. Ketchum  Bigfoot DNA study. Supporters and those hopeful of the DNA study results have rallied in support of Dr. Ketchum, while some are still screaming it's all a hoax or that the study is flawed in some way. At times the attacks on Dr. Ketcum and Robin Lynne have been rather strong if not completely over the top.

So where does it all stand now? Well, we know that the folks over at SasquatchThe Quest have updated their website to include information about the bigfoot DNA study and Media contact info. Adrian Erickson the leader/found of the Erickson project has been associated with the Ketchum DNA study for a long time now.
Erickson added the following to his website:

"The Erickson Project is a contributor of six Sasquatch DNA samples to Dr.Ketchum's study, all from diverse areas, one of those samples was used to sequence a complete Sasquatch genome in Dr. Ketchum's study. Specific information on the role of The Erickson Project will be released when her manuscript is published."

I would recommend that you go to the Erickson project website (Sasquatch The Quest) and read it firsthand as there is more information on there that I did not cover.

What about the paper itself? Well despite what you might have heard or read the DNA paper is NOT rejected and over with. It is my understanding that at some point the paper was rejected and was needing to be rewritten, this was done and additional information was added and the paper was resubmitted. It's also reported that the DNA paper is also in peer review in a Russian Journal. Who will publish it first is a good question. I would assume everyone would rather see it published in an American journal because to many it would carry much more weight and be seen as more creditable, but this is not to say a Russian publishing would be without merit.     

Dr. Ketchum issued this statement about the paper: "..it is in review, So far no indication of rejection..."

Ketchum has revealed some details about the study with statements like ".. Our nuclear is 3 genomes from three individuals and is 3 Terabytes of data..". 

If you do know much about Terabytes let me bring in some perspective to the actual size we are talking about. On 1 Terabyte you could put approximately 111 DVDs, if movies is not your thing about music because you can put approximately 250,000 songs on 1 Terabyte, now times that by 3 and we are talking about a lot of data.

As it's reported right now the paper is in the final stages of peer review and is expected to pass. Once the paper is ready to publish or soon after it publishes we can expect a release of a stream of videos from the Erickson project or perhaps an all-in-one DVD type of release.

So what's in the Erickson Videos? Reportedly some of the videos are in HD and are shot at around 40-50 feet away from a living bigfoot. Some videos are reportedly not anywhere near HD quality but the subjects in the footage are believed to be real living, breathing bigfoot.
One video that was reportedly included in the Erickson Project videos was The Russian Bigfoot in the Snow video, You can view it below.

So what now? Well, we wait and watch for creditable information. Information will continue to leak out I'm sure of it. We have waited a long time now but I think we are getting closer to some kind of closure (at this stage) concerning the Ketchum DNA Study. I do know that there are a lot of people with their reputations on the line with this study.
I will try to keep our site updated with creditable and truthful information as it becomes available.


[Source:SasquatchThe Quest, Robert Lindsay]

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  1. Thnxs for the update

  2. Thanks for just being objective and reporting what is known as opposed to making pissy, juvenile, territorially insecure inferences, insults and outright misinformation like many of your competitors. They only provide further cause for us to be marginalized by the mainstream.

    1. Thanks I try to be fair -- I'm hopeful about the DNA study...

    2. I agree with god's right hand. I much prefer your style of reporting. I admit to be skeptical of melba, nonetheless i would love for her to succeed. Keep fighting the good fight.


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