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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sketch by Larry Surface of Matilda from the Erickson project Video

The Erickson Project
by TCC Team Members Dorriane Fisher & Thomas Marcum

            The Erickson Project, an investigation project into the existence of the creature commonly known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch, was started in 2005 by Adrian Erickson. It was the first long-term project to attempt to prove the existence of these creatures once and for all. It serves to take into account thousands of sightings around North America, give credence to those who were brave enough to report them, to get the scientific community involved in the search, and bring awareness to the public. 
            Erickson had his first encounter with the creature at seven years of age near his home in British Columbia in 1959, and several subsequent sightings thereafter. He was finally motivated to found the project when a sasquatch crossed the road in front of him in the Canadian Rockies in 2001.
            The project has continued its quest for proof ever since, offering all kinds of evidence to the scientific community before realizing that only DNA evidence would be its ticket to mainstream science.

            The project’s many acquired DNA samples are currently being analyzed in the Ketchum DNA  study awaiting results along with many others. 

We contacted Randy Brisson ,who is also listed as an Erickson project Team member, in an attempt to get an update on the current state of the Erickson Project video(s). He told us "I can't
say much, but it is going great!"

It has been long rumored that the Erickson Project video(s) is waiting on the Ketchum DNA paper to publish. It is unknown if the partial closing and relocating of Ketchum's offices will have any effect on the time frame for releasing the Erickson video(s).
For those who are not familiar with the Erickson project video(s), it reportedly shows a young female sasquatch, affectionately called Matilda, who becomes pregnant and is later filmed with a baby sasquatch. Also reportedly in the film is two other sasquatch, one of which is said to be over ten foot tall.
A few months ago a picture of Matilda sleeping was released or leaked to the public and it caused a pretty good stir of comments. The filming of Matilda reportedly took place on private property in Kentucky.  
 *********DF & TM
[Thanks to Larry Surface for the Sketch]
 Matilda Photo
Matilda the sleeping sasquatch
©The Crypto Crew

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  1. I'm not sure what to make of Erickson and his motivations. I would like to think he is a go-to-it kind of person who, instead of thinking "it'd be nice if we got some good film," went out and did himself. What he does from there will tell a lot about him. He could either use this as an adjunct to research and preservation or open a Jurassic Park. I will await the tone of his film project with avid interest to determine what the purpose of his filming has been. What was he actually trying to get by doing this? That's what I'd most like to know. He could be a hero. I would really like that to be true. There are way too many villains in this field.

    1. I agree the villains are in bunches it seems.
      Also I should have noted that Randy Brisson and Mr. Erickson have samples in the Ketchum DNA study ...reportedly. lol
      Thanks for the comment Autumn.


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