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Monday, November 5, 2012

homicidal Sasquatch -Still frame from movie
Humans Killed By Bigfoot?
A Campground Incident In Bishop, California
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

We rarely hear of people being killed by sasquatches, but this second-hand account of an event in Bishop, California is worth a note.

Reported by the late Rich Graumley, a researcher for the CBFO, the California Bigfoot Organization, he was talking with a bulldozer operator in 1981 who had also hunted in the area, and he brought up the subject of Bigfoot.

Graumley reported that the man told him a story from the mid 70’s in which he had been poaching in the area (with permission from the Forestry Service) in a gated area near Bishop in an area there known as Four Points.  

He drove over a bluff in his pickup truck only to find Department of Interior and Bureau of Land Management officers there. According to the man, they grabbed him, confiscated his gun, and interrogated him for 7-8 hours about why he was there.

The man was finally let off the hook when local forestry officials identified him as a friend, but the DOI and BLM officers warned him to never return to the area. But in the course of the interrogation the man found out that a “sasquatch” had entered a campground there, ransacked the area, turned over a large, heavy dumpster, and killed several people. But no clues about the incident were reported to have ever been found.

This story might have disappeared into obscurity, until a young student investigating Bigfoot accounts was doing some research in Bishop 1989-90. He reported that he met a police officer there who had been on the local police force in the 70’s when the incident had taken place. He told the student that the story had been the talk of the force at the time, but they had all been under strict orders not to breathe a word about it or the deaths to anyone.

Graumley also reported the hunter had told him the officers had been heavily armed and that a very strong smell still lingered in the air while he was being interrogated. He also stated there are no brown bears in California and a black bear would have been incapable of turning over a full-size dumpster.

Later, Ray Crowe reported in his journal, Track Record, that he believed the incident, due to the fatalities and the odd nature of the case, had probably been reported by the officers as a bear attack. Basically swept under the rug. *******DF

[source:Bigfoot Encounters]

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Monday, November 05, 2012 13 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. Obscure and interesting story. I don't get why there are coverups when it comes to BF. It's like not reporting a condor if it showed up in Missouri.

  2. Well, without a coverup, this story would not exist. Get it?

  3. Ummmm ... poaching with permission ???? Something is wrong with that statement!!!! Seems like a bit of a stretch. I don't think there was accurate reporting involved here , thus the "cover-up" story seems to lack substance because of basic fact errors. More research is needed by those who are capable of accurate reporting . The story seems "odd" from the start.

  4. well here in KY they (Fish & Wildlife)allow us to "poach" coyotes all year around and just leave them lay. I have a few people tell me that.

  5. There's a story I read once about some people out in either western pa or west va who had been found torn to pcs and their body parts were thrown up in trees n such. In the book communion with sasquatch, Dennis Shamblin tells a lifetime of stories about okla bfs who were mean, and one tried killing him with a knife one night as he was sleeping near a door (he pushed his bed against the door because they had no locks and the bfs would come into the house and steal food at night etc). He says they would push the kitchen door open, moving his bed, and just harass him. But apparently one night dennis's mother saw the creatures arm reaching in thru the door with big butcher knife and was holding it right over his chest. When mom walked in and saw it she must have screamed and grabbed the arm and dennis was saved. I've read many stories that lead me to wonder if pacific nw bfs are relatively docile, as are the northern bfs, while the ones more south like in okla and tx and arkansas and louisiana are more menacing. I should start submitting essays to bf research websites and see if anyone finds them interesting enough to publish. I've studied these things for years.

  6. I cant remember where I read it, but I read a story about a group of hunters down south in either Georgia or Alabama being attacked and killed by a group of Sasquatch sometime around the Civil War or earlier. A posse later went back with a survivor to avenge it.

    1. I'm both a civil war buff and have a BIG interest in Big foot. Have not heard this story but would like to. Any idea where I can read a detailed account? I have heard of early Europeans coming to North America and seeing Bigfoot or hearing Indian accts of "The Hairy Wild Men of the Woods".

    2. SawSquash, I believe you are thinking of the story of nine hunters who were attacked in the Okefenokee Swamp in southeast Georgia. Supposedly 5 of them were attacked and killed by having their heads wrenched off. The remaining 4 fled while it was still dying for fear of another creature coming to it's aid. Before they did they said it measured 13 ft from head to toe. Here's the link:

  7. Check out Port Lock Alaska. I think you will find it interesting.

  8. So he had permission from the Forest Service, which is an agency under the U.S. Department of Agriculture. But yet the Bureau of Land Management, which is an agency under the U.S. Department of Interior was investigating the bigfoot attack? Ha! This story is hogwash. I can tell you as a lifetime federal employee that we do not pee in each others backyards. The bulldozer operator should have done his research. If he had gotten the agencies correct it would have made his lie more believable.

    1. says the government misinformant - you MIB?

  9. If Bigfoot was admitted true, they would be put on Endangered Species list, thus stopping logging industry, National Parks lkie Yosemite, Yellowstone would not make the millions of dollars in revenue as 75% of people would not venture into the wilds!!! It's all about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    That's why!!!
    Look up Missing 411 by David Palades.... it's crazy what he has uncovered!

  10. How come Bigfoot kills some but leaves treats for others? I was in woods back packing camping and hunting on a two week trip. About 6 days in several miles deep in the atchafalaya swamp Louisiana. I woke up to a present at the foot of the door of my tent at 4:30am hunting get up time. A fresh killed rabbit with a broken neck. Fresh bigfoot tracks in dew coming and leaving tent. Needless to say hunting was cut short. But I did tack rabbit with me out of respect.


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