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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Baby Bigfoot in Tree - Enhancement

I have attempted to enhance the William Evans video "baby bf in Craw of Tree".
Mr. Evans reportedly shot the video in Northern California back in 2007.
It was also stated that there are up to 4 bigfoots in the video, 2 of which are almost impossible to see.
It is also reported that Evans filmed this while holding the camera at his waist and it took a long time for the bigfoot to let him get this close.

Here is the video

!!Watch in HD, for what it's worth!!

This is a very good video and William Evans did a great job, I don't think he (Evans) gets enough credit for this video.
The first time I saw this video was from the gang over at Facebook FindBigfoot, while I do not always agree with their analysis, they did a great job with their breakdown of this video. So they should also get some credit.

Here are a couple of enhanced still frames from the video


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  1. Nice work Tom. This video has always interested me too. Ive always thought......too good to be true?

    It definately looks like a baby of some sort, but it would have been nice to see more,during, or even on a trip back. when u see the size of the head, it appears that there isn't alot of room left for the body where it is sleeping.

    But on a huge plus side, after you see the artist reditions of the baby bigfoot that Smeja shot, this seem very real. They both like baby chimps.

    1. yep...I think this one is a real "something" at least.

  2. It does seem like something is there, and it is intriguing! But I am skeptical of this film, mainly because of the fact that he claims he was holding it at his waist. I just don't understand how he managed to zoom in with the camera at his waist, and did he purposely zoom in on the "juvenile"?


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