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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bigfoot next to rabbit cage - Mock up photo
  Sites Farm Bigfoot Invasion!
The “Monster” Of Wantage, New Jersey
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

I’m always amused when authorities claim that sasquatch sightings most certainly must have been  bears. But residents of the Sites farm in Wantage, New Jersey who came within 25 feet of a creature on their property one night in 1977 said what they saw was “something else.”
The family had been terrorized by something invading their farm for nearly a week On May 12, 1977 at approximately 10:00 at night.
Barbara Sites claimed to have heard nothing on her farm on a Tuesday night. But the next morning, when she went out to let the family’s dairy cows out to pasture, she heard a noise in the distance like a woman screaming like she was being killed. And the cows seemed reluctant to move.
She walked around the farm to investigate only to find a heavy garage door torn from its hinges. And when she checked her rabbit cages, she found several rabbits dead or dying from massive wounds.
Two of her rabbits were missing and the others had their heads or legs torn from their bodies. She claimed she found no evidence that the animals had been used for food. And there was very little blood around in spite of the nature of the animals’ wounds.
A couple of nights later around 9:30, she heard their dog barking outside. Mrs. Sites and her daughter looked out the window and saw a large figure in the dark standing by the rabbit pens.
Along with a few friends and relatives, they ran outside only to see  “a big shadow,” with a head
“as high as the eaves.” But it ran off in the direction of an apple orchard when the Sites’s daughter screamed.
On the following night the family was waiting with rifles and shotguns. The creature appeared again as it had before, quietly under the low lights of the barnyard. They fired more than 30 rounds in its direction.
Richard Sites described the incident to a local newspaper reporter as he pointed toward an old chicken coop on the property. “At first, all I saw were these two red eyes staring at me from over there,” he said. “The monster ran into the coop, then emerged from the window at the opposite end.” He had his hands up in the air and I fired again. I thought he was coming at me.” 
But the creature escaped again through the apple orchard.
They described the creature as being around seven feet tall, covered with hair, a beard and mustache, and it walked on its hind legs.
The Sites family, scared to death, decided to keep the story quiet as they didn’t want attention seekers invading their property, but later, out of fear and frustration with the local authorities not being helpful, they eventually gave in and told the story to reporters.
The police maintained the Sites farm had been invaded by a hungry bear.



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