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Saturday, October 20, 2012

UPDATE -  The Youtube user Parabreakdown uploaded a video and in it he shows another photo of this creature and here it is

So if this photo is authentic then it was just a dude squatted down 

In case you have not heard Extreme Expeditions have release a photo and clip of what they think could be a bigfoot that came into their camping area.
I personally don't know much about this group but there are some people I respect and who are well respected, that are connected to them. Namely Lori Simmons and Thom Cantrall, both are stand up people.
Here is a little more about Extreme Expeditions Group.
Group info - Adam Davies, Andrew Sanderson & Carla Marshall run privately funded expeditions to some of the remotest parts of the planet, searching for evidence of new & unknown creatures.
Here is there facebook page - Click Here
Their Website - Click Here

They seem like nice enough people and seem to have experience researching bigfoot. But what is this "thing" in the video/photo? could it be a bigfoot or a person with something over their head? Some one even said they see a dog in the video/photo ---- I can't see a dog but I do see a human shaped figure.  I have attempted to enhance the clip, it appears this thing is sitting on it's knees.
A big Special Thanks to the Guys & Gals over at Extreme Expeditions for allowing others to analysis and enhance their clip/photos.

What does everyone else think about this video/photo, is it a bigfoot?


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  1. looks like some one kneeling. Is this the only clip? I would like to see the before and after, as well. Don't know if I like just a small clip. I would like to see the whole damn thing.

    1. It is from a game cam is my understanding. Game cams shoot pictures on a time delay (normally 5sec - 15 sec) and there were only a few photos in the series. I don't know if all have been released yet.I will try to keep this post updated with any need to know news.

  2. You can see the 'Breath', so it must have been cold that night. It';s either the Breath or a Second moving in the background because at the end of the breath something is at the mouth level of the 'Subject'. Could it have been eating something? From what I understood, nothing was disturbed.

    1. I think that is the breath of it at first and then a quick view of maybe a hand reaching out or up.

    2. Hey thanks for taking the time to do the enhancements etc, really appreciate it.

      Unfortunately we did only get one image, and a one second moving piece. The reason is that, and this isn't the first time, that the camera reset itself to default settings - which in this case was a long pause between detection and image capture and then a further minute reset before it went off again, for both photo and film.

      We used fresh batteries every day, and its not the first time we have used this camera type so its not as if we are amateurs in using them, but yes, unfortunately there are no further "anomoly in picture" to be released.

      The only two people sleeping outside didn't have sleeping bags with hoods or baffles so keeping a sleeping bag taut overhead would have been impossible as both were open topped regular sleeping bags.

      Neither is it a bin bag or rubbish or other sleeping matter - or a gust of wind that has caused dust to blow up.

      We knew we would attract criticism by posting the little evidence we have, but as yet, we don't know what the images represent apart from something seemingly solid bodied in camp when we were all asleep.

      We have had it professionaly analysed before releasing it, but as with all field research, we have released the information so that people can make their own conclusion.

      Again, many thanks for all your hard work with the enhancements :)

      Best regards


      The Extreme Expeditions Team

    3. Thanks Sandy!
      It is a good mystery. some type of human looking figure.
      Hopefully you can catch it again on your next trip.

  3. I really see a bear sitting on its butt. And the 1 second clip, really shows the bears snout. Imho

  4. Looks like a man in a blanket. He is trying to pull some warm air towards himself. It it was a man/woman. He/she may have been from another camp.

  5. It's a guy in a blanket...next video please...enough time wasted on this one when obviously there are way better videos out there!!

  6. man or woman in a jacket, raincoat , or sleeping bag maybe .tough to say...i wasnt there

  7. i cant really make out of what it is.it looks like a person.nothing more to say except it is very blurry.cant see anything clearly.

  8. Well the ppl involved in this deal are honest and decent people that are not tryin to hoax anyone!! I believe its the Real Deal here!!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

    1. I agree Jenny ..some very good people involved with this.Maybe they will go back and find more evidence.

  9. Sasquatches trapezes don't connect to the top of their heads...


  10. looks like someone in a blanket opening a cooler


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