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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Time - Bigfoot Real!
Can We All Relax After Dr. Ketchum’s Results?
Dorraine Fisher

It’s no secret in the Sasquatch community that if you dare to enter into the realm of Bigfoot, you enter sensitive territory. You have those who have witnessed the hairy ones first hand. They know what they saw and they certainly don’t like to be called liars, or worse, crazy.  And then you have the journalists, researchers, and photo analysts who simply must scrutinize every piece of evidence that comes their way with the determination of an IRS auditor. But they do so in order to keep the research valid and credible. And they don’t want to be made a fool. All sides must tread lightly. So when Dr. Ketchum comes through with her DNA paper and proves the existence of Sasquatches, hopefully without a shred of doubt left, can we all relax a little?
The answer is yes and no. On one hand, thousands of eye witnesses will be vindicated. No one will be able to call them crazy anymore. Many may still be called liars, but the word “crazy” can be eliminated from the equation. But when its existence is proven and no one’s afraid of being called crazy, many more stories may pour in for researchers to record and analyze. It’s very possible that a lot more people may jump on the Bigfoot bandwagon. And it remains to be seen whether this will be good or bad for the species and the research.
 But on the other hand science will take all this more seriously and all the hard work done by members of the community will be validated. Scientists have been almost completely absent from the community until recently. It’s been all the “hiking boots on the ground” types, the regular Joes and Janes, who’ve walked sometimes dangerous wilderness areas in the dark of night in all kinds of weather conditions, pointing a camera in every direction while often finding nothing, that have made this all possible. It’s all those who’ve tirelessly set up sound recorders and trail cams every day, scanned hundreds of miles of ground for a single footprint or sat crouched for hours under camouflage just to get the right picture that might make the world believe.
  And my guess is that none of this will stop after the results are in. There will still be researchers scanning the woods, and there will probably still be hoaxers out there looking to make a quick buck with their fake photos and videos. All this while science tries to gain its footing on the subject and produce some solid evidence with possibly a Jane Goodall approach.
 But we’ve learned a lot in a short time on this quest. And everyone deserves credit for all they’re hard work. You knew Bigfoot was real the whole time, and you spent your life trying to prove it. And even though it’s a bit tragic that, even after thousands of sightings by credible eye witnesses that told the same stories time and time again, you still had to work like a dog to prove what you already knew.
  But now maybe you can take comfort in the fact that those hard, stressful days are gone for good.
 Maybe now you can at least relax a little in knowing that none of your work or emotional investment
was in vain. You knew it all the time or you wouldn’t have done it.
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[*TCC - Dorraine Fisher is a freelance writer and nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.]

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1 comment:

  1. No we can't relax because those results won't be released. If they are, they won't be accepted. I call B.S.


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