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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

www.sasquatchthequest.com - Back online!
The site now Has some different and more detailed info as well.

Dr. Melba Ketchum is now (again) listed as a team member, If you remember she was listed and then remove but now it seem is back on the team.
There is even more details about the DNA samples obtained by the Erickson team.
They have a nice little paragraph about it and tell how they are working in conjunction with Dr. Ketchum.
The site also talks about how elusive these creatures are and how hoaxing has hurt research.
I suggest everyone go there and read the site.

Also the website has a very strong warning to bloggers and websites using any Erickson project info or images. I would think this is mostly directed towards Robert Lindsay as he has been the one who has posted most of the leaked info and rumors.The warning even goes as far to say that people will be subject to litigation.
This type of warning is of course is hard to enforce as you can't stop people from talking or speculating about a subject. It's like telling bloggers not to talk or speculate who is going to win the upcoming election. Now they can stop people from using their images and web content that is for sure.
I hope I'm not violating their warning, we have supported The Erickson Project the whole way and we are just interested in Finally being validated on the subject of bigfoot.

In my Mind All this points to one Major thing...It is finally about to happen..the paper is about to publish or is close, why else would the site come back up and talk about DNA, the videos are about to release maybe not summer but for sure at some point.
I think the wait is almost over Gang.
I'm telling you I think this is about to happen...all signs are pointing to it. Finally!
I Glad The Erickson people have brought their site back up and have help clear up some of the rumors, Maybe they will keep it updated with new info.

[Source www.sasquatchthequest.com ]

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