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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Justin Smeja - hunter

Rick Dyer offers Justin Smeja 1 million dollars for any part of the killed bigfoot. Rick also says that one of Justin's family members told him it was a hoax and that she can't believe people are buy his story.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2012 8 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. That is great that he is offering 1mil for any part of the bigfoot and claims he is the best BF tracker out there but by his website est in 2008 one would never know...

  2. He(rick) has a lot of followers on youtube...but in the bigfoot world it's hard to believe almost anybody..lol

  3. First of all what you need to know is that Rick Dyer is the one who claimed to have a dead bigfoot in a freezer down in GA. He was the one who made that hoax that made national news involving Biscardi. So obviously we can take what this guy says seriously

  4. Secondly i have personally talked to Justin for quite a while and if you have ever met anyone who is telling the truth, it is this guy. Hes not making a big deal out of what has happened. He has the proof and told what happened and thats that. Skeptics will hate and we cant do anything about that. But everything that he said is pretty much exactly what we would expect if that scenario happened tomorrow to one of us. All of it confirms with reported sasquatch descriptions and behavior. I can believe Rick Dyer, that moron who made the GA bigfoot in a freezer hoax along with Biscardi and that other moron would try and get back in the news by claiming this. Isnt it enough he was fired from his job as a cop or corrections officer or whatever it was because he hoaxed the plastic bigfoot suit and therefore couldnt be trusted by the state anymore. Now hes gotta come back and try and ruin someone elses reputation. This guy is a true piece of work. I hope people would actually google this guys name and see that hes responsible for the biggest bigfoot hoax of all time and therefore take anything he says with a grain of salt, but sadly some will believe his statements. This guy is a piece of garbage pure and simple. Yet he is so stupid to think that Justins wife and kids are just gonna let him play a national prank on everyone, which would ultimately cause him disgrace and embarrassment if it was proven to be a hoax. I think not, his family would have put that to bed a long time ago if it wasnt true. Dyer on the other hand had no one except his friend who was in on the hoax and maybe Biscardi as well.

  5. Matt was the one that was a police officer...Not sure what rick did.. also the GA bigfoot hoax is really still an on going story..Rick claims that MIB took his BF body, he is still running his web site and doing research and expeditions ..now he is going to Canada to kill a bigfoot ..so he says.
    If Justins story is true (I Kind of think it is) then I know he has some photos or something...He likes to take photos of his kills... Hopefully the DNA report will publish soon and the full story and videos from the Erickson project will come out as well.
    Thanks for the comments and we agree Justin seems like a pretty good guy.

  6. Hi folks, first time poster here on this site, however I've been a part of the Bigfoot community for a little over 30 years, when I had my up close encounter in Forest County WI., the report is on the BFRO web site under "Young Fisherman" actually Laona WI. uses it on it's Cities homepage.
    Any way I wanted to chime in on Justin Smeja for a moment. I think those of us who have had an enounter can spot a hoaxer pretty easy...IMO Justin is 100% telling the truth, just nothing about him says he faking this. He don't appear comfortable in front of a camera, let alone a world stage if the results prove real. And what really struck me was the emotion that came over him when he spoke of looking in the juveniles eyes as it was dying...
    He is a far cry from being like Biscardi or Dyer..they no more was contacted by MIB's than ever having a body...
    I think Justin may have had the greatest find in modern history..and if this is true would put him in the forefront of experts in the field...None of us have ever heard them vocalize to each other, look for a parent or held one...I really am hoping this turns out the way I think it will....

  7. Three guys that Sound like they're telling the truth are Justin Smeja, the "bugs" guy from C2C, and the recent Virginia hunter that shot one in 2003. Everyone else is being noticeably dishonest in my opinion. For some reason people dismiss Justin because they for some reason let emotion take over their thought process. Anyway check this story out, it's remarkably honest and...well, it's mind blowing!


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