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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Recently the folks over at Bigfoot Evidence did a story on Randy Brisson. It basically said that Brisson had hoaxed  some photos. The full post can be read by clicking HERE.

Randy Brisson posted a reply on his facebook page. Here is the quote:
"I see Bigfoot Evidence is talking crap talk about me, There is no Hoaxing going on here ever. Lindsay, Thomas Steenburg, and his Girl friend, Bill Miller, These fat lying Turds need to be flushed down the Toilet once and for all. Soon I am Sure."

Here is the Photo in question.

There has been some analysis done on the photo as seen in the following picture.

"I consider that photos by Randy Brisson are not fakes and deserve serious investigation." stated Michael Trachtengerts in June 2010.

Here is a video of an investigation of the photo area

Even though this picture does look kind of odd there is no evidence of a photo shop fake. It is easy at first look to say it is a photo shop fake,but once you examine the photo you can not find any pixel distortion. So if it was or is a fake then the only other conclusions would be that it was a person with some kind of fake hair on their face or maybe a mannequin's head that has been doctored to look like a sasquatch. Then on the other hand it could be exactly as Randy Brission stated it was and that is a real sasquatch. We may never know for 100 percent assurance if his photo is real but if everything else is correct with the DNA,Hair samples and videos then there will be 100 percent proof that sasquatch is a real living creature in the near future.  To many of us we don't need DNA or a new video , we know there is already overwhelming evidence that sasquatchs are real.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011 4 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. Its too bad that he had to throw Bigfoot evidence under the bus, i don't think Shawn took any direct shots at him. He was once again providing information for everyone to make their
    own judgements on. If anything I think he complimented him on the amount of hair he has collected.


  2. @ Paul - I agree...maybe he only read the first few lines of the post or something.

  3. Hi guys. I would like Randy to point out where in the article did I say anything negative. I don't think there's one word that's negative in there.

  4. @Shawn - yeah ...don't think it read your post correctly.
    The Crypto Hunters

    Ps - the anonymous comment above is me as well.I can't get my account to sign in correctly or something.


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