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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Area 51 patch?
Gustatus Similis Pullus”  is dog Latin for “Tastes Like Chicken

They’re on the shoulder of all military personnel: patches that symbolize what their unit does but what about the top secret one?
In a world with Government black ops & Hidden projects, a place where Many military programs are "black" or so top secret that they appear only as a single line item in the Department of Defense’s expense report.
Military officials and experts said the patches are real if often unofficial efforts at building team spirit.

Trevor Paglen has managed to document some of this hidden world. The 75 patches he has assembled reveal a bizarre mix of high and low culture where Latin and Greek mottos frame images of spooky demons and sexy warriors, of dragons dropping bombs and skunks firing laser beams.

Oderint Dum Metuant,” reads a patch for an Air Force program that mines spy satellite images for battlefield intelligence, according to Mr. Paglen, who identifies the saying as from Caligula, the first-century Roman emperor famed for his depravity. It translates “Let them hate so long as they fear.”

Wizards appear on several patches. The one hurling lightning bolts comes from a secret Air Force base at Groom Lake, northwest of Las Vegas in a secluded valley. Mr. Paglen identifies its five clustered stars and one separate star as a veiled reference to Area 51, where the government tests advanced aircraft.
National Reconnaissance Office - the patch comes from the B-36 Titan IV launch from Cape Canaveral on September 8, 2003. The payload apparently went into a geosynchronous orbit, which means that it wasn't an imaging satellite. The satellite is probably a signals-intelligence satellite descended from the Rhyolite spacecraft. The more recent code names of these SIGINT birds are reportedly ORION, MAGNUM, and MENTOR. The dragon image shows up on several patches associated with these types of payload.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011 1 comment » by Thomas Marcum
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