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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Picture of Rick Dyer
(*Note that all parties are presumed innocent until judged in a court of law.)

October 7th, 2011 Ricky Traylor Chuck Dyer, seen here pn LookWhoGotBusted.com, was arrested out of
Benton County, Arkansas for theft of property greater that $500.
Benton County, Arkansas - Rick Dyer over the past few days has made again the claim that he, Matt Whitton and another party had a Bigfoot body, dragged it out of the forest before it was taken by government officials dressed in black.
He also threw the notion out that Steve Kulls, again was involved in the hoax, after extolling Steve for the past three years. In a bold move, on the evening of December 27th, 2011 Steve, interviewed Matt Whitton about Rick's statements.

Statements from Steve Kulls :
"I recently saw that Mr. Ricky Traylor Chuck Dyer, has had some interesting things to say pertaining to his 2008 hoax and some even more interesting comments about me.
Last night I had a conversation with Dyer’s old partner, Matt Whitton, whom made contact with me over four months ago, when Rick cut his first video. We had not talked on a one to one basis since February 2009, when I went to Georgia and retrieved the evidence, implicating C. Thomas Biscardi in the hoax, the Searching for Bigfoot Business Plan, and a statement to the police from William Lett regarding the pickup of the freezer and exchange of currency.
Whitton’s statements to me completely negate Dyer’s new claims and therefore Dyer’s statements can be considered to be just the machinations of a man desperately seeking attention, missing his long gone fifteen minutes of fame.
As I have, since completing the investigation into the Georgia Bigfoot Hoax, I stand by all my previous statements. Mr. Dyer is a non-issue and very little have any concern for what he has to say; past, present or in the future and I implore the public to do such as well.
-Steve Kulls


Steve:Now he is trying to say Steve is involved again.
Matt: Oh, well OK (chuckles), well when I talked to you, like four or five months ago, you know that guy he was working with, they made a video, and they said, you know I was with them, whenever they dragged the body out, you know like the original story, but the guy was added to it. You know I don’t even know him, either way... you know there’s so much stuff going on, other than making up a story.
You know, I really don’t wanna get associated with it, I mean it was fun, that was the thing about it, to me it was fun, until like I said, until I realized people got their feelings hurt.
Steve:Would you have any idea why he’d be going after me? Because that’s gonna cause me nothing but grief again.
Matt: I can tell you pretty simply, I mean uh, just the way Rick thinks, uh, you know, he likes to entertain himself; he likes to get a rush… It’s funny to him; he gets like an entertainment out of like watching you get a rush out of it, you know, and getting nervous…
It could be him getting a laugh. I don’t even know what he’s doing… The thing I’ve seen is that everything that me and him did with the Bigfoot thing, like whenever we put out a video, it would have, well not in the very beginning, not too long after, every video we put out, was at least 10,000 hits, everything I’ve seen Bigfoottracker.com put out now, is like 40 hits…
Maybe in a way I could see it as a business move, a strange business move, but I could see it is as a head up on things to see what the public is gonna grab on, you know, and hit up on a few different strategies…
And you know it is like an adrenaline rush I mean it’s not like jumping off a cliff, were chasing robbers, in a certain way it’s an amount of adrenaline rush like doing stuff that gets you in the public eye, some types feed off of it… It’s like any other drug once you get that original high you’re always trying to get there again. You know that doesn’t happen that’s the thing about it. You know a magician never does the same trick twice.
If I was you I will look at it like this… Whenever it is you’re on top there’s people that are gonna try to push you off, there’s going to be a lot of detractors. And my line, if I was you my line would be, I’m the original guy who busted this thing, you know and that’s the thing.
I mean I wouldn’t get too bent out of shape about it, you know it’s one of those things, it’ll all pass.
Steve: He says I’m involved, that is why would I went to Indiana…
Matt: Tom ruined our hoax by inviting you down there, that’s what happened.

As a note of fairness, the felony charge was dropped and case dismissed on Dec 5th, 2011 against Rick Dryer.

[via http://squatchdetective.com ]

Little  blast from the past -
Whitton and Dyer say that when they came up with the hoax, they had no idea it would become a media circus.
"It got legs and ran. It's crazy now," Dyer told WSB.

Co-hoaxer Whitton agrees: "It started off as some YouTube videos and a Web site. We're all about having fun."
"Fun" isn't exactly how Clayton County Police Chief Jeff Turner sees it. He has kicked Whitton off the police force.
"He lied on national TV," Turner says of Whitton, "so a defense attorney now could say, 'How do we know you're not lying now?' "
Heres a Picture of Matt Whitton
Matt was a police officer at the time of the GA Hoax.

Hoax exposed video from 2008

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