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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"I'd bet Justin Smeja is lying" 
Matt Moneymaker commented on Cryptomundo.com,  Moneymaker claims that the "Bigfoot steak" is really just a coyote hide.
"I saw a photo of the hide piece. I was a roughly rectangular piece of fur and skin which looked like it was cut from a larger hide. The piece in question looked like it came from the belly of a coyote. Supposedly Meldrum also said it looked like it could have come from a coyote," Matt said.
rest of his comment below:

BTW, I would bet a whole lot of money that Justin Smeja is lying and did not shoot a bigfoot at all. In my opinion his story is totally ludicrous, if you know the details he initially described.

He claimed he found the pieces of hide after to returning to the area of the “shooting” after a snow storm. He says he didn’t know if the hide was related to what he claimed he shot. To me that sounds like he’s structuring the story so he can remain blameless when the hide is shown to be from a known animal. On top of that, he mentioned that he’s got a freezer full of dead coyote parts (he hunts those too). I do suspect he cut a piece of hide from one of those dead coyotes and provided that to the people who bought into his shooting story. Here’s the red flag for that: Some folks I know spent a lot of time questioning the dude in person … One of them says that when he heard Ketchum “confirmed” that his samples came from a sasquatch, he said he thought SHE was a hustler … which seemed strange to the person he said that to. It doesn’t puzzle me at all. He would have good reason to say that if he knew the hide came from a coyote. And that’s exactly what it looked like. I saw a photo of the hide piece. I was a roughly rectangular piece of fur and skin which looked like it was cut from a larger hide. The piece in question looked like it came from the belly of a coyote. Supposedly Meldrum also said it looked like it could have come from a coyote.
- Matt Moneymaker
This has not sit well with Justin Smeja and he relied on bigfootevidence blog  and said this

Justin Smeja said...

"I have never said anything negative about Dr k and her study. Besides "what in the world is taking so long. Why can't we just share with everybody what we already know now? " I was told "you can't rush good science. We are going to cross our t's and dot our I's. This will be done right and worth the wait when the time comes "
Not word for word but pretty much. As for the rest of what some people are saying whatever man. We'll see. "

Justin also posted on his facebook page and was clearly taking a swipe at Moneymaker and here is what he posted:
"Don't through stones when your skeletons are bigger then mine. I guess its easy to be bitter when you have snorted away all of wallys funding and your gravy trained has come to an end. Pot smoking and pill popping is obviously ok in your line of work it was never really my thing. I think ill stick to Copenhagen and beer drinking. You wreak of substance abuse and everyone around you knows it. Who's everyone gonna believe the science or a narcotics abuser? Good luck mm"
In a later reply on his facebook page he put:
"The problem with poking a dog with a stick is he might bite back. If you mess with a bull he can get real mean.... normally I'm pretty laid back. I got nothing but positive things to say about nearly everyone."

TCH - Seems Matt Moneymaker is feeling some more sour grapes. Also seems Justin is not backing down from the story or Moneymaker.
Another fight...I'm going to need more popcorn. This might be a good.

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  1. moneymaker has no right to call anyone a liar.

    He lied about being an e-commerce attorney, he lied about being a corporate attorney - the man has never taken the California State Bar and never took the Ohio State Bar - he went to law school, big deal. A lot of people did.
    He lied when he said he saw a bigfoot in eastern Ohio - he wouldn't know the truth if it bit him in the ass.

    Some of us old timers were around when he couldn't code Basic or HTML - yet he also claimed he was a software engineer. The only working job he had was a few days at Kinkos as a Temp! It's all a matter of public record - most of it online.

    1. Only legit job was at Kinkos for a week? I took your advice and looked up info on him. He was one of the first Webmasters for Kinkos Corporation and he did that for two years before Kinkos was acquired by FedEx. Prior to that he was the Webmaster for the Naval Surface Warfare Center (Ventura). After Kinkos he was the Webmaster for Atlas Electronics. So you're saying those aren't legit jobs??

      What I also found online were a lot of blatantly lying clowns who hate the fact that Moneymaker succeeded so well, so they make up bullshit about him and post it anywhere they can do so anonymously. Don't buy it.

      Moneymaker said many times that he didn't want to practice law but he wanted the law degree, because so many of his family members have a law degree. That's why he got the law degree but didn't take the bar exam. He went into the Internet biz as soon as he graduated from law school, like many other people did in 1996.

      Most law grads who dove into the Internet biz in 1996 are doing pretty well for themselves nowadays.

      Anon 6:38 probably whiled away his time drinking beer and watching football games during those years when Moneymaker was getting into the Internet business and building the BFRO.

  2. Its clear J's never shot bf story is full of holes he looks like a liar a real hunter don't shoot unless u know yr target. If u killed bf u want proof to show.try another way for fame and money.yr reason why so many wont believe yr slime.

  3. Justin seems like a liar to me, why the hell would you shoot the baby and hide it instead of take it with you if the whole reason why you shot him in the first place was because you thought nobody would believe you. It just doesn't make any sense to me at all and another thing, I would definitely believe matt instead of some chew spitting, beer drinking, redneck.

  4. What is making me crazy about all of this is: "Who the fuck is Justin Smeja???" Is this his real name? Where is he from? Who are his family/friends? Where did he go to school? Where does he work doing what? No one seems to be asking these questions. Why? If we knew more about him, other questions might answer themselves.

  5. Mr. Moneymaker wants to believe that the Patterson film of Bigfoot is real, but it is not. Bob Heironimus was in that Bigfoot monkey suit.


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