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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Scioto County Paranormal is a Paranormal team based in Ohio. The group investigates hauntings , ufos, Bigfoot and more.Their Investigations are done professionally and discretely and all results are shared with the home owners.
The Group was founded by  Kevin Vaughn (aka Big K) and we obtained an interview him.
Hope you enjoy it, it's a good read.  Thanks for the time Big K.

TCH - What got you interested in the paranormal? was it a personal event?

KV - well i've always been fascinated by the paranormal, when i was a child and first learned to read, i grabbed whatever books i could get my hands on the subjects of ghost, ufos and cryptids. but what made me a believer was after my grandmother passed, she was a church lady who didnt like drinking or smoking in her home, and one night after she passed i was living in her house and still do today, i was drinking and smoking watching tv, then from out of no where i was slapped across the face.

TCH -  How long have you been investigating the paranormal and how long has your group been together?

KV - Ive been researching my whole life, but the actual investigations, only been doing those for over a year now. with staff problems, and trying to find new members, most of the staff i have left have been with me over 6 months.

TCH - . What do you consider the best evidence of ghost?

KV - well i think the best evidence for a ghost , would have to be a combination of things. pics can be debunked evps can be faked, i would say there always has to be something else to back up what you have. like if you do an evp session and ask the spirit to show it self, and it does and you get a pic of it. i dont think there is just one type of evidence i would say is the best.

TCH -  What is the best evidence you have personally captured?

KV - Being a newer team we havent really caught anything major, had a few personal experiences, captured one evp of an old man saying hi. Personal experiences include crew being grabbed and theres legs and arms rubbed, i myself had my hair stroked during a basement investigation at a residential case. The important thing to remember is that 9 out of 10 times your not gonna find anything.
all these tv shows were they catch things every week, or some teams that claim they have evidence every time the go some place is bogus, tv they fake for ratings, if nothing happens then no one would watch the show. and these teams that always catch something, either they dont know what there doing or there faking evidence.

TCH - What is your favorite equipment to use on a investigation?

KV - favorite equipment would be, and emf detector, an audio recorder, and either a regular camera or a video camera, you can use all these and tie things together. You dont really have to spend a whole lot of money if you dont have it, some equipment is very expensive and it would be nice to have, but its not really needed.

TCH - Is there any techniques you use during an investigation that might seen different to other investigators?

KV - I think all teams basically use the same techniques, we do an interview with the client find out whats happening and where, then we do a basic walk through with the client and have them show us the area where activity has happened, also getting a base reading as we do the walk through. This includes an emf base line all through the house, air temperature , to check for hot and cold spots,.
Then we set up are equipment usually video cams in the reported areas, and break up into teams to investigate with the hand held equipment, get a high emf take a pic of that area, find a cold spot take a pic of the area. then we do our evp sessions were we just ask a few standard questions, like whats your name?, did you die here? was this your home? can you see us? then about 15 second between questions and later check and see if we caught any responses. Where not there looking for ghost we will debunk the activity if we can, every noise or cold spot or creaking floor board is not a spirit.

TCH - What is your favorite place you have investigated ?

KV - Favorite place ive investigated, i dont think ive found it yet, we've done cemetery's, residential places, and really nothing that was greater then the last. I have a few places id like to visit and investigate, just havent made it yet, like bob mackeys in wilder ky.
The Emmet house in wavery ohio, The Portsmouth public library the main branch. these are on the hope list, maybe someday we'll get there.

TCH - How do you feel about the numerous ghost hunting show on TV?

KV - ghost hunting shows on tv, well i guess they did bring paranormal investigations to the for ground for all to see and except the idea of hunting spirits, other then that, im not really impressed with them anymore,Its reality tv, which means faked for ratings like i mentioned earlier, if the show never catches any activity , then no one would watch it and the show would die. Basically just dont believe everything you see on tv shows.And dont think, well grant and jason wouldnt do that or zac wouldnt do that. think again.

TCH -  Could you share some tips with out reader?

KV - Some tips to share. first of all theres alot more to this then you see on tv, they dont tell you about attachments or possessions that can follow you home if your not protected. unless your with a trained team that knows what there doing dont mess with ouija boards, you could possibly open a portal and not know how to close it. basically its dangerous dont mess with things when you have no idea what your doing. Not only is there possible spirits but theres other things to consider while doing an investigation, some of these old houses and buildings have asbestos and lead paint were you need to be wearing a mask, to keep it out of your lungs. You could also fall through a floor or a stair case, depending on how old the place is. And please if your not doing this for the right reasons, meaning research and looking for evidence, then dont do it. this is not a job to get famous or make you rich, its not gonna happen, and your causing more damage then helping anyone.

TCH -  I know it's costly to do research and travel cost can present a problem so What is the range your team will travel,what is your coverage area?

KV -Yes with transportation problems and the price of gas and wear and tear on the cars, its very expensive to do this, so at the moment were just focusing on Scioto County ohio, but hopefully with a little time and help maybe we can go for the whole tri-state area of ohio ky and west virginia.

TCH - Give us a quick run down of your team.

KV - the team at the moment is myself lead investigator, my brother Larry Braglin who is also a lead investigator. Kyle Maple investigator,
Khristy Henderson, and her husband Thomas Henderson. both also investigators.

Thanks for your time Kevin and good luck with all your investigating. we look forward to hearing about your team and the evidence you find.

 Scioto County Paranormal Team

Kevin Vaughn - Team Founder & Lead Investigator

Larry Braglin - Team Co-Founder & Lead Investigator

Kyle Maple - Investigator

Khristy Henderson - Case Manager, Investigator, Tech Support

Thomas Henderson - Investigator

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TCH - Thanks to SCP !

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