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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Could bigfoot steaks show up on ebay? 

TCH - Some pretty good news about the bigfoot dna, and possibly another bigfoot steak for sale. 
Dr Melba Ketchum and the sample submitters update, Alex Hearn info and more!.
This is a pretty good read and has some good info and and it looks like there could be some more good news just around the bend. This first part of this was posted on our facebook page,but there is a lot more info after that bit. So keep reading. 

Leaked DNA results from one of Robert Linday's sources:

 Results of the nuclear DNA testing for the Bigfoot Steak
Sources have informed me of the following:
The steak was sent out to ~8 different labs to be tested on a blind basis. Nuclear DNA testing was part of the process. The labs were not told what they were getting and they had no idea what they were testing. Two of the labs were said to have “figured out what it was,” whatever that means, and honestly it doesn’t make sense in the context. The cost was $~11,000 per result, so ~$90,000 was spent on DNA sequencing of the steak. This cost was apparently footed by Wally Hersom.

From all eight labs, the results came back:

1. Not human.

2. Not any known animal.

3. “Unknown primate.”

A lot of the labs made communications to Ketchum along the lines of “What in the Hell is this we are testing anyway?” “WFT?” “WTH?” “Huh?” The labs were essentially dumbfounded and befuddled by the specimen, but they reported the results in official reports as they were paid to do.

#3. is important, because although the DNA matched no known living creature, it is primate DNA. I would go further and suggest that it is hominid DNA.

#1 is extremely important and cannot be emphasized enough. This is because the skeptic blogs keep repeating over and over that Ketchum’s results are “human DNA.” I can emphatically confirm that the results for at least the Bigfoot steak from the Sierra Kills were definitely “100% non human.”

The reason we know it is not human is because the genes are too far apart from human genes.

Say we look at 30,000 nuclear DNA genes. The results will be something like this:

Human Bigfoot Chimpanzee

Human 0? 600 1,800

Out of 30,000 nuclear DNA genes, the chimpanzee will differ from the human on ~1,800 genes. The Bigfoot will possibly differ from the human by ~600 genes. It is this distance in genes, and nothing else, that is apparently leading Ketchum to say that Bigfoots exist as a biological entity.

If you have a sample of 30,000 genes in which 600 of them differ from Homo sapiens, there is no way on Earth that we are dealing with “human DNA,” as the skeptics repeat in a near autistic, Tourette’s like fashion. I really wish we could put this to rest, but the skeptics keep banging their heads against this wall, so we have to keep answering it as redundantly as they ask it.

Bigfoot steak still intact. The steak is still intact after all of the testing. It is not destroyed yet.

Driver’s Bigfoot steak also for sale. The driver who went with Smeja on the Sierra Kills trip is also selling his Bigfoot steak. He may have ~2 pounds. Asking price is unknown.
(TCH- maybe he should put it on ebay)

Sequencing of complete Bigfoot nuclear DNA. I believe that the DNA sequences run on the various Bigfoot specimens were probably partial sequences, maybe 30,000 genes or so, but I have no idea. Sequencing the complete Bigfoot nuclear genome of 3 billion genes is no doubt quite an undertaking. It is rumored that Wally Hersom paid for the complete sequencing of the genome. It is not known what this may have cost, but it may have been a pretty penny.

Ketchum and Bigfoot sample submitters. Ketchum has returned few if any samples to the sample submitters. I feel that in general, she is just not going to return any samples whether she uses them up or not. This is apparently just the way she operates.
For example, the hand of unknown origin, which has been shown to be a bear paw, has not been returned to its Montana owner. Not only that, but it was never even DNA tested.
Some of the submitters are furious at her for not sending them back whatever is left of their samples.
Ketchum also told at least some of the submitters that they were going to be famous and millionaires as a result of the study. She may have said this to rope them into the study. A number of them believed her. One even quit his job, and he is now quite broke.
The submitters have been sitting around waiting for results for months now, and they’re not forthcoming. Obviously, neither is the fame or fortune, and looking at Ketchum’s nice NDA’s, the submitters are probably not in line for any fame or fortune anyway. So you have a number of submitters who are smoking mad at Ketchum.

Ketchum’s one woman show with her study. We have been saying for a long time now that Ketchum’s paper is a one woman show. That is Richard Stubstad’s characterization, and we agree with that. Her paper stands the best chance of acceptance if she gets a number of other top flight authors on board, including a zoologist as the Nature reviewers suggested. The paper ideally ought to have a few or even several lead authors instead of one lead author. Possibly the lead author should be a geneticist or a zoologist.
A while back, people suggested that Ketchum give the lead author role to a very good geneticist who she had on board. Ketchum’s got very angry in response, and soon the geneticist was fired for no apparent reason.
Interpersonal conflicts are a part of the tapestry of life. But if Ketchum needs to make a zoologist or geneticist author, co-author or top billed author, then that’s what she ought to do. She needs to do whatever will maximize her chance of getting published, ego needs and interpersonal rivalries be damned.
TCC - If this is true and we have no reason to think other wise..this is the big news everyone (except doug norris) wanted to here. Also Alex Hearn is the guy with the toe nail from a bigfoot or at least that is what was told. Regardless of what you think about Robert Lindsay he has been on point on almost all the bigfoot info that he has posted about.


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  1. Larry Jenkins is the guy with the Bigfoot toenail. Alex Hearn is just running around acting like he's the curator of it for some weird reason, maybe ego. Hearn has an insanely huge ego.

    Larry Jenkins is a cool guy, not your average Bigfoot idiot.

  2. Alex Hearn was the person who contacted me and got facebook to remove the picture i had of the toenail. He even got my artist rending of the toenail remove for awhile but it was later reinstated.

    Thanks for clearing that up Robert, I do remember Larry Jenkins as the owner but it just slipped my mind...getting old i guess.
    but in any case thanks and thanks for the comment.

  3. robert, the last few post from you have been very informative and i enjoyed them thouroughly, its a nice break from all the name calling. thank you..

  4. Mr. Lindsay, I have been reading about and studying sightings and evidence that bigfoot exists for many years as a hobby. I think you have a good handle on how things should be done. The DNA results sound very promising and hope once and for all it will answer the question "Is there an unknown primate cousin to man wandering the wilds of this big planet?"

  5. Wow....you guys are morons...To use someone else's material without permission is criminal. Every high school senior knows that..You know very little if anythig about Dr.Ketchum or her study. Robert Lindsay is a name that any credible Cryptozoologist cringes at the sound of. So far I have all I have seen from him is slander and misinformation to attempt to discredit and belittle anyone he is not in direct benefit of their work...Talk to the top credible researchers in the world. Not one has any respect for Lindsay. Key word " credible".....I would like to invite Lindsay on my podcast radio program to give him the chance to clear this up....

    Thank you

  6. Do you guys even read the CRAP that Lindsay vomited forth on his blog..insulting patriotism and rural Americans along with Christians....wow he is just the type to put stock into anything he says....and didn't he make a comment about liking YOUNG GIRLS..An anti Christian,anti Patriotic,pervert...that's one model citizen..


      That is why I run the declaimer...but he has been known to break some bigfoot news...to his credit.

    2. First off. Lindsay hasn't broke any news that was his to break. He has stolen news from others and "leaked" it out on purpose. You can't hide behind a disclaimer. The intent of malice towards Alex Hearn is more than clear. Alex did have a car accident but I assure you he suffered no head trauma causing him life changing or mood altering injuries...if you would like breaking news on Melba or Alex why not try talking to them instead of taking the tabloid approach then hiding behind a disclaimer.Melba puts out news daily on her sight about what she is doing and the state of the study and paper. By utilizingthe dubious talents Robert Lindsay you clearly show that your more interested in shock value than actual and factual data.Robert Lindsay has quickly become as infamous a name as Tom Biscardi.

    3. I was just reporting the "News" and I follow Melba on Facebook...nothing really posted on there lately about the DNA.
      No one is hiding behind a disclaimer...I just reposted/covered the News and blaming me for a relayed News post is like blaming Fox News for the earthquake in Japan. I didn't write it, I only reported it. Plus this is an old post.

      I have Talked to Alex and we got things settled...so your attack on me can stop now.

  7. Didn't mean for it to seem as an attack.I was defending my friends from what I Saw as an unfair attack on them personally.


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