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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Justin Smeja’s driver breaks his silence. Justin Smeja is the man who reportedly shot and killed 2 Bigfoots in the Sierra Nevada last year. Details here. We have known from the start that there was another hunter present. We called him the driver. He tried to get Smeja to not shoot the Bigfoots and was hysterical after the killings. To date, he has not spoken about the incident. However, we were recently put in contact with a source who claims to be in contact with the driver. The driver will not reveal his name.
The driver acknowledges that he was furious when Smeja shot the Bigfoots. After the mother was shot, the driver was horrified. And after the baby was shot, the driver was disgusted. The driver’s story differs in some respects from Smeja’s. In our original story, Smeja did not think the Bigfoot was a bear as he says now. Instead, he shot it because he thought it was threatening him.
The driver says simply about Smeja’s rationale for the first shooting, “He shot a monster.” He saw a monster, and he shot it. Smeja has confirmed this on a forum, saying he thought it was a monster, and he shot it because that’s what you do with monsters, you shoot them. Before he shot it, the driver was spotting the animal with his binoculars. Several times and in several ways, the driver said, “That’s not a bear!” This lines up again with our original story in which the driver said, “Don’t shoot! It’s a guy in a monkey suit!” However, Smeja shot anyway.
The driver also disagrees with Smeja about why the juvenile Bigfoot was shot. We said it was shot for an unknown reason. Smeja said the baby Bigfoot was threatening him. Our original source disagreed with that. “No. It wasn’t threatening him,” he said.
The driver agrees with us. He said that Smeja shot the juvenile in order to bring it home as evidence. Evidence for what? Evidence to prove his wild story. Smeja said that the young Bigfoot was shot and immediately left for dead as they cleared out of the area. We said that the young Bigfoot died in Smeja’s arms. The driver confirms our story. He said that the young Bigfoot was shot and killed. They examined it closely and looked in its eyes. They thought the eyes looked “human.”
One wonders why the young Bigfoot was shot for evidence and then left behind, a contradiction. Once again we are vindicated. We said that Smeja was afraid of being arrested. According to the driver, though the juvenile was shot for evidence, they left it behind because Smeja thought that he was going to be arrested the California Department of Fish and Game. Smeja has all along insisted that he was not afraid of being arrested, but  we have said otherwise.
I think this is what happened. The baby was shot for evidence, to prove his story since they searched for the mother but could not find her. The driver was disgusted and took the gun out of Smeja’s hands and pointed it at him, telling Smeja that if you shoot another one of those things, I will shoot you instead.
Smeja held the dying animal in his arms. They looked into its eyes, saw it was human, and Smeja had an attack of conscience of some sort (I think he does have some sort of a conscience). He realized that he had killed some sort of hominid and not some weird monster and then became frightened of being arrested. This lines up with so many Bigfoot killing accounts, where the killers leave the bodies in the woods or bury them because they think they committed homicide.
Smeja’s attack of conscience may have been due to thinking of himself as a murderer. Whatever else he is, Smeja’s not a murderer, and he doesn’t like to think of himself as one. Therefore, the scene was hastily abandoned. Why were no pictures taken. On forums, Smeja says that they were so upset and freaked out after shooting 2 monsters that they just got out of there as quickly as possible, never even thinking to take a picture.

The entire way home, not a word was said between the two men. They did not speak of the incident at all for another 10 days.
The driver does contradict an earlier rumor we printed in which we said that the driver was so shocked that he did not want to associate with Smeja anymore. The driver agreed with Smeja that they are still friends.
Incredibly, the driver agreed with Smeja that the Bigfoot slice was not cut off on the day of the shooting. It was not cut off because they could not find the mother to cut a piece off of her, which was apparently why they were searching for her – they were looking for the dead mother to obtain proof of the incident – probably by cutting off a body piece.
The driver said that Smeja went back two weeks later with a bloodhound. The dog found the Bigfoot steak somewhere in the snow. At the moment, this incredible version may well be true.
The driver is still traumatized by the incident. He described it as horrible, disgusting and true. He also implied that Smeja is traumatized by the incident, but more that he can’t put it behind him than for any other reason. The driver said that Smeja is just hoping that the story would go away so he could move on. Instead, it’s not going away at all. As a matter of fact, it’s only beginning.
The driver also agreed with Smeja that Smeja reported it to the CA DFG, but he was laughed out of the office.
Finally, the driver said that the whole story would be coming out in about one month.
The friend struck me as intelligent in his correspondences with my source. At the least, he’s a better writer than Smeja. The driver did take exception to the depiction of Smeja as a dumb redneck, saying that he was a bright guy who had not idea that anyone would get mad at him for shooting a Bigfoot. At the moment, the driver has stopped responding to my source, so we may not get any more communications out of him.

Smeja probably a smooth, slick, excellent liar with multiple and sophisticated personality layers. My feeling is that Smeja lies very easily, is an excellent liar who can fool many people, and is not troubled by lying. Nevertheless, I do believe his story. At the moment, he’s lying mostly for damage control. Note that I do not think that being a skillful liar is a bad thing. After all, the most successful Americans have this characteristic.
He has a conscience, mostly buried, but it is active. He doesn’t worry much if at all and lacks introspection. He acts rather than thinks. Experiences little to no anxiety or depression. I honestly doubt that he feels very bad about what he did, but I suppose he would like to take it all back, if only because it was more trouble than it was worth. This is not the sort of person who suffers or beats themselves up over past deeds. Experiences little guilt.
But in this personality type, even when they are upset or even devastated about something, you won’t be able to tell as they will seem as happy go lucky as ever. He is an easy going, happy, optimistic and extroverted type who doesn’t analyze things. He acts, experiences and tries to either enjoy those experiences as best he can them or explain them off if he can’t.
He uses bluff, bluster, denial, “shrugging it off,” and smug, brash, “fast talking” overconfidence to blast through and throw off problems and threatening situations. He also dives into outdoors activities to take his mind off of troubling things. He may experience some anxiety, but if he does, he will just start moving his body or something to incorporate the anxiety and dissipate it. His personality is very highly developed, works on many different levels, and he has very good social skills. He is not a social idiot in any way. This person is a social actor.

Smeja hard to pin down morally. Some folks are clearly angelic, while others are obviously rats. Everyone agrees. Not so with Smeja. I don’t even want to go into whether or not Smeja is a good person or a bad person becuase my views are tainted with politics. That is, I abhor his politics (he’s an extreme culture warrior), which makes it hard for me to view him objectively.
He is the sort of person in whom it will be difficult to say if he is a good or bad person, and in today’s Social Darwinist America, such binary notions are often laughed at anyway if not devalued and ridiculed outright. Nevertheless, whether someone is good or bad is very important to me personally, so I will discuss it about him and others.
Plenty of folks who know Smeja dislike him intensely and think he is no good. Others seem to like him a lot, and think he is a good guy, if not the greatest guy around. He is capable of presenting himself very well as a “fine upstanding member of the community,” or, better yet, a model citizen who goes above and beyond the moral norms. He plays active roles in making his society a better place. This may go along with the hardcore Christian thing.
This sort of person, to whom right and wrong are often abstractions to be manipulated in various ways and explained away with fast talking bluster and careless laughter as this, that, the other, or whatever one wants them to mean, will do much the same in his own life, playing a variety of seemingly conflicting moral roles. Such a person is hard to pin down in a moral or theological sense, and they even tend to baffle psychologists. Their mores, norms and morals or lack of them are probably better explained by sociologists and political scientists than anyone else.

Justin Smeja recounts version of shooting on the web. Smeja is continuing to describe the shooting on the forums. He said that the mother and juvenile Bigfoots looked nothing alike at all, totally different. The young ones approached them several times but then split up and took off to go looking for the mother.
He said that they were not aggressive, but instead they were worried and upset about what happened to the mother. They were communicating in an odd speech that sounded like a deaf person trying to talk. This is a very interesting statement and adds excellent weight to the story. In a number of Bigfoot sightings, people have described Bigfoot speech as sounding like a deaf person trying to talk.
Smeja also stated that the young one had a gigantic head, almost out of proportion to its body. Once again this lines up with other reports and videos including the Pancake Video, where the young Bigfoot grabbing the pancake has a huge head.

Ketchum’s crazy NDA’s sealing the lips of sample submitters shut. People are asking why sample submitters, including Derek Randles and Justin Smeja, are not allowed to talk much about the circumstances surrounding the samples that they collected. In Randles and Smeja’s case, they can’t talk much about the Sierra Kills.This is the reason why all the photos of Larry Johnson’s Bigfoot toenail are being pulled off the web.
The reason for this is Ketchum’s snarky and scientifically unnecessary NDA’s. According to these NDA’s, you cannot discuss or publish anything about the samples you give her, including the circumstances in which you found them, where you found them, when you found them, photos of the samples, etc. If you won’t sign that agreement, she won’t take your sample.
Such an agreement is ridiculous. Suppose you had a great Bigfoot sample that you wanted to give to the study, the greatest in the world to date. Ketchum will reject your sample unless you sign her sneaky NDA. Therefore, the best sample out there would be rejected from the study. This is not science. It’s business. Ketchum’s DNA study is being run as a profit-maximizing business enterprise first, and as a scientific venture only second.
Imagine if a real scientific study, say run out of Max Frank Institute in Germany, was looking at evidence for Bigfoot. Would they make you sign such an NDA? Of course not. Why not? Because it’s scientifically unnecessary, and the Max Frank folks would not be running the study as a business venture.
The only agreement they make you sign would be one letting them use your sample for their study. What do they care if you talk about it or not? Ketchum’s NDA’s are 100% about making money and 0% about science. A friend of mine noted that the money-making objective of her study tends to taint the study automatically in his eyes. He may be correct. Science ain’t business. The moment went all science becomes a profit-making enterprise, the scientific enterprise is down the toilet.

Everyone signing on with Ketchum’s project will be left hanging out to try by her grossly illegal contracts. According to Ketchum’s NDA, she owns all rights to the DNA sequencing of the samples submitted to her. This is so she can ca$$$h in on them. Now suppose you submit a sample to Ketchum for her study. She uses and gives it back to you.
Now you want to take it to Robert Lindsay’s DNA Lab for them to sequence the DNA, maybe to see if Ketchum was right or not. You pay Lindsay’s lab for the DNA work. Lindsay gives you the results from the testing, and guess who owns the reports Lindsay just gave you? Melba Ketchum! Yes, she owns the rights to even subsequent DNA work done by other labs.
Want to write a book and talk about the DNA results? No can do, better leave that out of the book or you get sued. Want to go on TV and talk about the results from your tooth or whatever. Better not, or you get sued.
In my opinion, this is simply an illegal contract. It’s not enforceable. A source showed the contract to an attorney in Arizona. The attorney said that the agreement is illegal and not enforceable in Arizona.

Hand of unknown origin is only a bear paw. Don Monroe’s “hand of unknown origin” which was found in a dump in Montana or Idaho and turned in to Ketchum’s DNA study, has turned out to be a bear paw after all. There was controversy about the hand. One of my sources was sure that it was a Bigfoot hand. Ketchum and Jeff Meldrum both said that it was a bear paw, a conclusion that each one reached independently. Kudos to Meldrum and Ketchum for getting it right.
Here is the analysis:
After viewing the report and radiographs from Dr. Reese, which you have posted on your website, I can conclusively state that the “hand” Don Monroe submitted to you is actually the forepaw of a bear. If you would look at “Fundamentals of Forensic Anthropology” by Linda L. Klepinger, page 22, you will see a side-by-side comparison of the radiographs of a human hand, and the forepaw of a bear.
As can clearly be seen, the radiograph in the book is nearly identical to the one Dr. Reese produced. I believe Dr. Reese was unable to properly identify the paw, because he misidentified the bear’s 5th digit as a severed first digit. This caused all the confusion. The “hand” is not the right paw, but the left. The carpals in a bear’s paw share no similarities with a humans, but may look similar near the digits, if reversed.
The expert who reviewed the hand is a PhD physicist who teaches Computational Condensed Matter Physics at the University of Chicago.

Plumas County Sheriff’s Office refuses to investigate Sierra Kills. We called the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office. They told us that they had received some calls recently from folks reporting this case. The callers had mentioned Justin Smeja as the perpetrator of the incident. The office decided to turn the case over to Fish and Game.
The office said that callers had mentioned the steak from the Kills testing 100% positive. This could imply crimes such as homicide, or transporting, theft or mutilating a corpse. However, they said that that was 3rd hand information and not worthy of investigation. They acted like the whole matter was ridiculous.

US national security teams looking into the Sierra Kills? We received a tip from a source who is in contact with someone who is big in the Bigfoot world. This person has an extensive background in US military and national security. According to his sources in the government, US national security agencies are aware of the Sierra Kills incident and are investigating it. For some reason, whatever happened has national security consequences. As this is a 4th hand report, we can’t confirm it in any way, but it is interesting.

Bigfoot steak contaminated by human DNA? The Bigfoot slice recovered from the Sierra Kills tested 100% on an initial DNA test. Some are suggesting that it was contaminated by humans in the course of the chain of custody in transporting it to the lab. The problem is that Ketchum took a variety of samples from deep down inside the slice. There is no way that flesh down that deep could have been contaminated in handling or transport.

TCH - Thanks to Robert Lindsay for keeping up with this story and keeping everyone informed. 

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  1. I don't believe JS is a hoaxer. I do believe he is a cold blooded, juvenile and adult poaching animal murderer. How can a California "hunter" notknow about BF? His karma is going to be something to watch. I have no problem with hunters. I do have problems with poachers and wanton killers. He shot those two people in the back for God's sake. Casey Anthony move over here's you bedfellow in hell.

  2. He also has a book coming out abut the whole thing.


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