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Expedition Unknown

Last night was the 2 hour premier episode of Expedition Unknown featuring Josh Gates. Most of you are already aware of Gates from his past show Destination Truth, which was on the SyFy Channel.

Expedition Unknown's first episode had Gates hot on the trail of famous missing pilot Amelia Earhart. Gates travels to Papua New Guinea (PNG) and pursues several leads which has him covering several areas. PNG, as it is called, is very diverse culturally and it is estimated that there is over 1,000 culture groups. With 848 languages, Gates, has some helpers in the form of interpreters.

It was interesting seeing the tribes in this area, as they came out to welcome Gates in the full tribal decor. There where some tense moments, after all this is a place where you may have be killed and eaten in days gone by.

The episode's central focus was on the discovery of a box full of bones, that very possibly could have been the bones of Amelia Earhart. Gates has to talk to a lot of people to chase down the whereabouts of the bones. He finally ends up digging in the area where the bones where discovered in the box by a then 13 year old boy.

During the episode there is also some investigating of crashed aircraft in an attempt to local the plane Earhart was piloting. It also leads to some water searching and diving, which adds to the excitement.

Josh Gates, is witty and likable in Expedition Unknown and the show is very reminisce in style as his former gig, Destination Truth.

I found this episode to be filled with interesting information and enjoyed the awesome scenery of PNG. With the advertisement of future episodes making several cameos last night, the show looks like it will be as fun and entertaining as anything currently offered.

If there is one thing that disappointed me, it would be that there doesn't appears to be any shows featuring cryptids. I hope this changes and it very well could. It would also be nice to see Gates bring in some of is old team for a few shows as well. We all remember the chemistry between Gates and Jael de Pardo from Fact or Faked, right? Jael made many appearances on Destination Truth and they played off of each other very well.    

So, in closing, let me say if you enjoyed watching Josh Gates on his last show, then you should also find Expedition Unknown to your liking. Welcome Back Josh!

My final rating for this Episode
4 out of 5      


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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The Virgil Hickox House of Springfield, Illinois
The Virgil Hickox House of Springfield, Illinois

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

The Ghost Of "Alice" In Springfield, Illinois
The Haunted Virgil Hickox House
By Dorraine Fisher

The Virgil Hickox House of Springfield, Illinois has an interesting history. Originally built in 1839, it’s been many things over its long history including a tavern, funeral parlor, men’s club, and speakeasy. Originally built by Virgil Hickox as a private residence, it received numerous additions during his life to accommodate his growing family. But many strange happenings have been reported there over the years.

Some say the building is haunted by several ghosts including a dominant male entity and a little girl called Alice and it’s been subject to many investigations. The house is believed by some to be a portal. Orbs have been spotted there and numerous EVP’s have been recorded. In August of 2011, Capital City Paranormal Investigations investigated the house for The Travel Channel and took this striking photo. Could this be the ghost of Alice?

Ghost of Alice
Is this the ghost of Alice?
 Investigation work from isisparanormal

[Source: Travel Channel]
[House photo credit: WUIS]
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 Motley Crue lead singer Vince Neil has met his share of groupies, and now he's hoping to meet some ghosts as well.

Neil Joins the GA crew to investigate  Riviera Hotel. Neil has hopes of contacting the ghost of
Frank Sinatra and members of the Chicago Mafia who allegedly stayed at the Vegas landmark.
Did they make contact or not will not be revealed until the show's season finale on April 27.

Neil said he has been in contact with his dead daughter Skylar since her death in 1995.
So he does know a little about ghost encounters and should be a good guest on Ghost Adventures.


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