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Bigfoot Activity And Possible Sighting In Illinois?
By Dorraine Fisher

It actually started a couple of months ago. An area of woods near me in central Illinois that I frequent due to the amount of wildlife I see there for my photography. As a bigfoot researcher of sorts, I had discovered minimal evidence a few years ago that there may have been bigfoot activity in that area, but I never found enough to make a very big deal out of it. So I opted to spend time out there for recreation and picture taking opportunities.

But a couple of months ago, that was August of 2018, things started to change there. On my drives through there, the trees seemed to get rearranged on a regular basis. Every time I drove through the area, I started noticing that trees were being manipulated and moved around.

A few days ago I got the following Bigfoot sighting report submitted. This report come from Madison county, Illinois. Madison County was established on September 14, 1812 and was named after President James Madison. In the late 19th century, Madison County became an industrial region, and in the 20th century was known first for Graniteware, and later for its steel mills, oil refineries, and other heavy industries. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 741 square miles.

Here is the sighting report.
Shawnee National Forest

Scavenging Shawnee Bigfoot???
A Frightening Sighting In Southern Illinois
By Dorraine Fisher

Are sasquatches scavengers? It would be reasonable to believe they’re food opportunists like any ace predator would be to survive. But witnesses of this act are pretty much non-existent.

    Shawnee National Forest in Illinois is an interesting place for bigfoot sightings, but still largely neglected by mainstream researchers. Maybe there’s no buzz there because people there who’ve seen them stay silent for fear of ridicule. That’s why Ange Dixon only told a select few people about her encounter there near her home in Makanda, Illinois where she saw a sasquatch scavenging road kill from the highway one winter night. At least she stayed silent until now.  This is what she had to say:

“It was in February, 2001,  about 2 AM, my husband and daughter and myself was driving home from his brother’s.  We lived in Union County, Illinois.  It was down a back road, not well traveled back then. But still in Shawnee National [Forest]. It had snowed a little, so I was going slower than normal.  I had noticed up ahead what I thought was mailbox reflectors.  They were huge and red/yellow.  The closer I got, I realized it was an animal in the middle of road.  Our first thought was it was a cougar because it was huge. My lights were hitting it of course. As I drove closer to it,  about 25 feet away, we noticed it actually was crouched down and had road kill in its “hand.”  “ It was focusing on what was in the road more than [it was] us, because he was not scared of us.”

“By this time, we were totally stopped in the car. It just stood up, and it was freaking huge!  You could see muscle ripples.  It stood over 8 feet [tall], total black.  All I could really focus on was those eyes.  He stood there for a good 10 seconds just staring at us before he leaped from middle of road to the woods.  It was so fast and unrealistic that I thought it flew off.”

“We didn’t move the car for about another minute and my daughter was like,  “Mommy was that a bigfoot?”  And I was still in shock and didn’t know what to say because I wasn’t sure what we had just experienced.  If it wanted,  it could have ripped us out of the car.  We were that close!”

Later, Ange described what she felt that night and what happened afterward.

“People laugh at me when I tell them the story, but how could three people imagine the same thing?  It wasn’t a bear, cougar, or deer.  It was a bigfoot.”
 And when I asked her what her impression of the creature was, she told me this:

  “I personally didn’t see ape- like features.  I don’t believe they are ape. I know people say they are ape –like. But what I saw and experienced was no ape.  It was a creature of other sorts. You could tell it had intelligence. It was not animal. It was a humanoid- like intelligent being.”

And how does Ange feel about the encounter now?
“I travel that road all the time and to this day I get scared at night,” she told me.  Those eyes were red/orange and glowed. Those eyes were so freaking scary looking.  Seriously scary!”

We talked about other sightings and how so many are possibly not reported because people write off the encounters as crazy.  But Ange told me she has decided to own up to what she and her family saw that night, and she laughed.
“I know what I saw, and damn it, I'm not crazy!”


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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mock up photo for the report

An “Almost Touching” Moment With Sasquatch
Eric Kern’s Profound Second Encounter In Illinois
By Dorraine Fisher

Sasquatch juveniles are a unique curiosity.  If they are indeed a type of human, do they possess the curiosity of human children? Are they playful like human children? And do they often believe they’re invincible and make mistakes just like human children?

    From all the stories I’ve heard over the years, I believe they may be a lot like human children. And I also believe they are generally watched very closely by adults…since they live in such a dangerous world. And no story illustrates this quite as well as Eric Kern’s second encounter that took place in Bealls Woods State Park and Nature Preserve near his home in Mt. Carmel, Illinois back in 2013. This was an encounter with a young Sasquatch that he almost touched… had the moment not been interrupted.

“The second time around was in July of 2013.  Me and the wife just got a new puppy and he is a hellion.  So one day the wife told me to go take him for a walk in the woods.  At the time, I was still apprehensive about going into the woods, so I went in the afternoon. It was nice and hot. 

“And as we got there, I noticed one thing: not a single bird chirping or nothing.  But my pup wanted to go, so he led me. It was fun as hell until we got to an old dried- up river bed full of overgrowth.  As we got to the top, he started to get riled up something bad.  As I got to the top with him, I saw a sandy- colored object just hunched over at the bottom.

  I thought [it might be] a wild dog.  Then my dog started to bark like mad. Then it [the creature] stopped doing what it was doing and turned as it was hunched down.  It saw me and I saw him, but this time I didn't feel like I was in trouble at all.  More like, what the heck are you doing and what are you? As he stood up, he was young.  At least a teenager from what I gathered from him, but as we looked at each other he had this look on him like he was more scared of me than me of him.  As he just got some bravery up, he took three steps to us. At this time my dog is going bonkers.  Then he reached out and touched my dog and he stopped dead in his tracks.  Not a sound or nothing.  As he did this,  I felt no threat at all,  like an old friend meeting up again.  Then, as  I put out my hand to see if he would touch my hand, a loud bang like a fire cracker went off and a loud grunting started up.  As this happened,  the “sandy kid” stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me, and then ran down the embankment of the river bed and disappeared.  As I looked to see if I could see him,  I see this huge shadow in the tree line watching me.  Then my dog either smelled it or saw it because he pissed right there and tucked his tail right between his legs and ran back to the car dragging me be behind him all the way.” 

    Eric explained later that he didn’t know the other adult was there until it made the loud sound he determined to be a very loud wood knock. He felt the adult was sounding a warning or threat because it believed Eric might do harm to the juvenile.
    I asked Eric how he felt about this encounter after his first had been so frightening.
“Well, I didn't feel anything. It was like meeting an old friend.  You don't feel the need to worry at all.”
    So now, we can only speculate that the encounter might have been a little more touching and surreal had the adult not stepped in to protect the younger.  But we can’t blame them for being afraid of us. They have a million good reasons to be.


[ Eric's first report can be found by Clicking Here ]

This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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General area

Up Close And Personal With Sasquatch
Eric Kern Sighting: A Frightening Encounter At The Wabash River In Illinois
By Dorraine Fisher

    Some Bigfoot stories are downright frightening. And occasionally, the reporter gets close enough to the creature to give a few interesting details about what they see. This story is just such a sighting. It takes place in south eastern Illinois in the Wabash River valley near Mt. Carmel which is close to the Illinois-Indiana border.  The reporter, Eric Kern, recalls details of a possibly older individual with a few deformities not often reported in other stories.  And he claims this was not his only time seeing the creature.

    But here it is in his own words:

“Well my first time seeing one was in 2010 in late October,  full moon,  and the corn was high at the time. I was a skeptic about them, but it changed really quick.  So at the time I had a shared fishing line which is a trailing line for cat fish out here on the Wabash river. We would sell them to the local restaurants and give to the church as well, so me and my friend went out on his boat to go set lines. “

“Now, the way we had to do it, because the river is fast moving, we would set out a 75 pound wedge anchor on the rocks on the other side of the river and lay a ten pound weight every ten feet to sink it down where the fish are. At the end we would hook it up to a winch to tighten the line and to set the anchor in the rocks deep then tie it to three or four cinder blocks on our side as we did this the whole time I felt like we were being watched but I couldn't see any one and the only three people that knew about this place were me, my friend and the land owner, So we set and got ready to go home as we did I saw a foot print in the sand bar. A really big one,  maybe 15 to 17 inches in length.  I asked my friend about it and he said it was probably just someone sun bathing and the water distorted it to make it seem really big. So we left around 3 am and I get a call from one of the restaurants we delivered to and asked if we pulled in our lines yet I said no and he ask if we could.  I told him it hasn't been at least seven hours yet but he double the amount of money so I said ok.  So I called up my friend to see if I could use the boat.  He just put it In the shop for a hole we got that morning.  So I said fine I will use my wench on my Toyota 4x4 so I got dressed and started out there it was warm and wonderful night. “

“The moon was full and you could see everything, so I had my windows down as I got out there.  I noticed that the landowner’s cows were all up at the top of the hill near the barn, mooing like nuts, but I didn't think that much of it. Might be a coyote or something.  But as I got closer to our area I could smell a stench like no other.  There are no words or smells like it to my knowledge.  As I got to the river, I had to turn at the fork, and there he was, all hunched over.  At first I thought it might be a bear.  But a bear in Mount Carmel?  Hell no!”

“As my high beams hit his back, he stood straight up and turned.  That's when I saw him,  dark brown fur with gray in it, as I was only seven feet away.  He hunched down into the light and covered his eyes.  I noticed that he was missing two fingers, the pinky and half of the ring finger on the left hand.  At the time I was scared shitless. He then stood up and took one step closer to my car.  As he did I could tell he was over 10 foot tall because he looked down at me.  That and my 4Runner was about six feet off the ground.”

“ As he stood there looking at me I could see the scarring on his face, like from fights with cougars or bears.  But as I looked into his eyes, he snarled at me showing off his huge teeth, all shaped like a humans but much larger at this point.  I thought he would see that my window was down and reach in there and kill me.  But after he looked at me for a bit, he stood up grumbled a low gut-turning grumble. He stepped in to the corn and walked off. At this point,  I noticed that I have pissed my pants.  It must have lasted about five minutes but it felt like 5 hours. “

“As I tried to get myself together, I slowly turned my car around and left.  When I got home, I called my friend and asked what do you want for my share of the fishing line?  He asked me why.  I just said how much do you have in your wallet?  I sold an 800 dollar-a-day work area for fifty bucks.  So the next week,  my friend called me and asked if I was back in and I asked him why.  And he said hell no.  He said that someone pulled up the line from the sand bar and drug the anchor out of the rocks and pulled it up on shore and ate every one of the catfish but not the heads the we're left in the corn field in a pile.  So after that, he quit the fishing job and never spoke of it again.”

Eric later reported the sighting to the BFRO (Bigfoot Field Research Organization) but there was no investigation conducted of the area. He would like to connect with others in the area who’ve had sightings and team up for some investigative work there.

Look for a follow up report on Eric's other sightings in the future.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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