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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bigfoot Eyeshine In Oklahoma?

Possible Bigfoot eyeshine from OK (Mock Up Photo)

This is a Guest Post by Stewart Taylor.  Stewart enjoys sharing with interested folks about what he has been fortunate with obtaining. To teach and convey these subjects are a forest people living among us.

In the unenhanced-unedited clip of the bubble heads peering over the 4-wheelers.  The scope was a 4X50 power so they are not quite as close as the pictures appears.

We were cooking stew over a small propane burner and I eased around the dark side of a motor home and was scanning the perimeter looking for Bigfoot eye shine. 

I kept hearing subtle movement around us in the near pitch dark and wanted to get the Big Guy lurking about.

I never noticed them at that time, if so, that would have freaked me out!!  Bigfoot and these little bubble head subjects would have been too much!!!

The video Eyeshine video was shot in Oklahoma on private land that has had a history of Bigfoot activity going back several generations.

Here is the Video

May His warm and ever loving Spirit touch your soul with goodness!
God Bless You All!
Stewart Taylor

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