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Thursday, August 3, 2023

Bigfoot Throws Log at Researchers!

I got the following report a few weeks ago and have been working with the witness/researcher to gather more details.
The events happened near Cold Springs Trout Farm in Utah on or around the first week of August 2016.
Here is Dave's Report
 Dave writes:
"It was a nighttime event. Specifically, it was in the middle of the night. I happened to be there because I was living with my roommate in Utah who at that time was very active in recording and sharing Sasquatch-related videos on his YouTube channel.

He and I went to this area because of the long history of people claiming they had either witnessed Sasquatch or heard something they presumed to be Sasquatch or found tracks.

He had briefly checked out the area before but wanted me to go with him and spend some real time investigating the property. When we arrived at that location and walked into our very first ticket it was immediately obvious that there was going to be piles of what people mostly would call anecdotal evidence that Sasquatch was active in this area. the first thicket we entered had two full-sized tree trunks 30 feet off the ground in the tree canopy of the thicket itself. Each one of these tree trunks was broken off at the base and had all of the branches and most of its bark ripped off as well.
Almost like they were prepped to be put up there. As my investigation moved forward, I would see countless structures and manipulation with trees that would show the exact same thing. Full-grown trees, broken off at the base with all their branches, and some extent of bark ripped off.

Anyway, exiting that very first thicket we came across what looked to us to be a trackway. We were able to identify at least two different human-shaped barefoot imprints on the ground. It was at that point we began to follow them. The impressions on the ground were inconsistent and at points difficult to make out, but we were able to continue following it. Ultimately these tracks brought us along a chain-link fence. At one point as we were walking along the chain-link fence we found a secluded portion of it had been knocked down….and laying on top of the broken down part of the fence was a several hundred pound stripped tree trunk. We correctly assumed that whatever made the tracks had knocked the fence down and we could see its path through a very thick patch of blackberry and some other thorny type bushes.

As we walked through these thorny bushes we were heavily poked by thrones and even had our clothing slightly ripped and gouged from moving through it. On the other side of this patch, we initially had trouble finding the continuation of the trackway, and having not planned ahead by caring any sort of substantiative flashlights we used the flashlights on our iPhones which made it hard.
At any rate after searching for five minutes or so looking for the continuation of the trackway I thought I identified an impression that made a 90° left turn and headed down into a ravine where there was a very thick and deep pine tree thicket.
As we pointed our lights in that direction, we were completely shocked because they lit up down into the ravine revealing a very substantial and meticulously constructed wigwam structure.
There were also two full-grown pine trees, broken off at the base with all their branches ripped off that were laying up on the ground where we were standing and went down into the Thicket and into the ravine. It seemed obvious they were placed there so they could be traversed to go down. Anyway, as we gathered our senses and talked about what we were looking at we then decided to move toward the structure and into the Thicket. At that moment both of us began stepping onto these tree trunks to move forward. It was at this point we had a log thrown at us which scared the hell out of me. Then got a wood knock and vocalization. This caused a very intense fight or flight feeling and we backed up and started to move along the side of the thicket away from the structure and the area.

It was at this point I could see a very large mass, moving along the ticket with us as if it was escorting us out. It stopped as we got to the end of its cover and we then crossed the fence which was knocked down into an open field. The encounter was over at that point. I never smelled anything, and we never got any warning other than the log being thrown the wood knock and the vocalization as this encounter began. This night coincidentally, had a few other major parts to it as well, but this experience I just described was the exclamation point of that night….and the most shocking part of it."


A big thanks to Dave for sharing his experience with us.
You know, it is a little puzzling when I see what I assume are experienced researchers claiming that bigfoot does not make tree knocks. I've had them make tree knocks before while I was in the forest. So it puzzles me when someone says that they don't. Oh well, experience is the best teacher. 


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 25 years of experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and a poet.

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