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Sunday, March 26, 2023

2 UFO Sightings in Harlan County, Kentucky

There seems to be a rash of UFOs sightings taking place in Harlan County Kentucky the last couple of days. I have spoken with two separate witnesses and looked at their photographs. As I was writing this I just saw a third sighting today in Harlan county, but I have not contacted or spoken to that person. 

What follows below are pictures and the account of the two witnesses I have spoken with. 
Witness 1

Sighting Date: 3/25/23 - 
Harlan County Ky, Coldiron area.
The witness was able to snap off 1 picture of the object. The witness states the object made no sound and that it came from the cloud and moved straight down. The witness also stated that before she could take another shot (picture)the object vanished and was gone.
The time of the sighting was 1:54pm - clear to partly cloudy skies.

Here is the picture and some enhancements.

This is the original photo with very slight cropping and our name added to it. We can see a darker object at the center of the image, slightly toward the top.

Here is a zoom-in of the object. The top image is normal with a very slight contrast adjustment. The bottom image is what is called a value invert filter. This appears to be a solid object. What is odd is that it is very similar to an object I captured back in October 2022. I will include that picture for reference. 

My object picture from 2022

Now on to witness 2

Witness 2

Sighting Date: 3/25/23
Harlan County, Ky - Pathfork Area.
The witness wishes to remain anonymous. 

At around 8:27pm witness 2 sent me some photos but I was not home at the time. The witness stated "These dots going across the sky, we been counting them now over 30!!!.
 The witness took several photos of the white orb objects. The witness said the objects seemed to be moving fast and made no sound at all. The objects appeared to be very high in the sky. The witness stated that she thought the objects were too high up for helicopters. 
Area- Harlan county - Under clear to partly cloudy conditions. 

Here are some pictures from witness 2.

This is the original photograph. I have circled at least 10 objects in this image. I would recommend clicking the image to get a larger view. These seem to be the sphere (ball) shape objects that many report. I personally have saw similar objects. Remember the witnesses said there was no sound. And I think it is not plausible that a group of people was flying 30+ drones at the same time, in the same direction, and at such a high altitude. 
I should also note that there was at least one other person with witness 2 that saw the objects. 

Here is a close-up of one of the objects.

Here is an image of several of the objects, this is from the original picture above. Please click the image.

Unfortunately, that is not a lot of detail in the close-ups, but I'm very thankful that the witnesses were able to get these photographs. 

These objects, by way of road travel, are roughly 10-12 miles apart. The distance is much less via the way a crow flies. 
We have always had UFO sightings in this area but many will not talk about them. I personally have seen many over my lifetime.

If anyone else in the area has seen these objects, please reach out to us.

Also, a big thanks to the 2 witnesses who told me about their sightings and share the images. These types of events need to be documented. I know both of these witnesses and they are good, honest people.

©2023Thomas Marcum    


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 25 years of experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and a poet.

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  1. Interesting photos and discussion.

    I'm not necessarily expecting answers for my upcoming questions. But you are welcome to chime in if you wish.

    In the first photo showing the disk-shaped UFO (and for that matter, like so many UFO photos from the past), why is the disk blurry? The powerline in the foreground is in fair focus. The clouds in the background are in fair focus. Yet the disk, in between, is much more blurry. Is it, perhaps, due to an energy field emitting from/surrounding the disk that distorts light, electromagnetic or some other form of energy, rendering the disk blurry to our cameras and our eyes?

    Whatever the case, it adds a degree of frustration to a fascinating phenomenon.

    Food for thought.

  2. probably blurry due to movement but your points are just as valid.


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