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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Does the Government suppress Bigfoot research from moving forward?

Does the Government know about Sasquatch?  Yes they do, not only do they know but they have people in the "Community" to guide things along so everything stays the same and no progress is made. They declare everything blurry as nothing and everything clear as a hoax. Its their job,its the only reason  they are here and have stayed here for many years. They claim it all nonsense but yet there they are every single day keeping track to the point of stalking to shut people up. Keep an eye out for the ones that make the most noise about it all being nonsense and ask yourself if they really felt that way, why would they be so involved in the subject?. You don't believe in unicorns but you don't spend 24 hours a day obsessing over them do you? We had an acquaintance back in 2018 start a group and website that named names and in less than 24 hours everything was taken down. Not a coincidence. 

One of the major things that happened in my last year in New Brunswick was that although I'm not much in to conspiracy theories, I came to know that the Canadian Government  does know of the existence of Sasquatch and doesn't want you to.

I should mention that up to this point the provincial parks dept had been very co operative as far as allowing me a key to the gate to come and go as I pleased to take my "Wildlife" photos. They would often stop me on the way in and let me know if there had been  moose,coyote,fox,eagle sightings and pretty much anything that they thought I would be interested in taking pics of. They had always been more than friendly,partly because my ex mother in law was treasurer in the closest town so she had put in a good word for me and because after being in there so often we became acquaintances and some I would consider almost friends.

During my final year,I had taken a family member in to hopefully have an encounter but at least show them the gifting area.We had only started down the game trail a short distance when we found 2  clear tracks,one was on top of a small mound and the other ahead of it near the base of a tree. The first detailed and the other a slide track,the rest were just impressions in the leaves. We cleared them out as best as we could so we would both have pictures to keep. They were 16.5 inches from heal to toe.I remember thinking before leaving that day that I should have covered those tracks up,they were too close to the hiking trail but I didn't.

First,better detailed track.

2nd slide track.

A few days passed before I got geared up to go back in as my visit with my family member was almost over.
I had gotten home from the office for lunch and had a message to call a staff member from the park,I didn't think much of it at first,maybe a tip about another good spot to get some pics? I was back in the office for 1pm and sat there for a while and then it hit me,it just didn't feel right.I picked up the business phone  and returned the call.I was asked by a female staff member to return my key to the gate as soon as possible because of a change in policy.I thought about what was going on all night but looking back I think I already knew.

I got to the park early the next morning,walked in as usual, leaned on the counter and handed the key over to the same woman who I spoke to on the phone,there was no smile or the usual small talk like there always had been, I slid her the key and it was met with a sharp "Thank you". She never called me by my name, it was just odd all around.

I finally spoke up and asked what was up with the new policy seeing as I really wasn't supposed to have a key in the first place.She quickly told me "I don't know.I was asked to get the key back so I did,that's all I know" I said "ok" and said I was going to head up the mountain for a bit,she didn't respond,not even a "see you later". I knew something was up and didn't bother to put any music on as I drove up, just drove and thought about what the hell was going on.

I got to the area where I would normally turn to go toward the chalet where I would park and saw signs posted and the area fenced off ,The signs read "Area Closed for trimming" To the best of my knowledge,there has been no "Trimming" even now five years later.
From that day on,everything changed with the entire staff,I was often followed around the park and all communication that I had with staff was stopped or kept as brief as possible.
Obviously this didn't stop my research in the area,I just needed to take the long way in and the Sasquatch that were there continued to be there, unharmed other than one who unfortunately passed away of natural causes.   

Not only are there paid trolls like I mentioned above but there are also those who appear to be very active believers that push the Giganto  or elusive ape theory and dismiss anything else and demand that you do the same. They claim to have all of the knowledge of their behavior,habitat and so on but end up short on getting anything worth a damn but what they do accomplish is keeping the community spinning their wheels,beating on trees and looking foolish to the public. The idea that they may be a people is nothing but " Woo" and must be stopped, again if you truly believe that than why pay any attention to it at all? Believe as you wish and have any opinion you wish but they would have to be the luckiest animal in the world to just be a stealthy Gorilla.




This post by Leo Frank,Leo enjoys the outdoors and researching Bigfoot.Leo has over 23 years experience researching and investigating Sasquatch across different regions of North America.He is also the author of the very popular book Sasquatch Family Ties.

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