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Sunday, October 16, 2022

What if I told you we are all right....and wrong?

Nancy: Well, that is a provocative statement, Leo. How are we going to explain this to others?

Leo: You have more theories out there than you can count as to what Bigfoot is and everyone is absolutely sure that they're right and everyone else is wrong but if you think about why people are so sure, they may have good reason. This depends on a few things such as, have they had an encounter/ encounters, what kind, positive negative or neither. If they haven't had an encounter but maybe just an interest then whose "Research" do they follow and what does that person believe?. If we take a look at some different types of common theories and also different types of frequently shared encounters it will help to understand what I'm getting at.

Nancy: So what shall we look at first? And how shall we start? Theories? Researchers? Famous encounters?

Leo: I think we should look at some of the more negative encounters since so many like to focus on only those.

Nancy: Many talk of being "chased" or charged at by a bigfoot.

Leo: I'm not going to dispute anyone else's claims as I wasn't there but I do know from personal experiences that Sasquatch and other hair covered forest giants will bluff charge a person for various reasons if they need to. I also know that people love the horror stories but I would ask them to think about one thing when it comes to being chased. If you were actually chased by a Bigfoot and they wanted to catch you, do you really think you would be getting away? Some kinds of Bigfoot feed on negativity and love to intimidate much the same as the people who promote only these kinds of encounters. Not mentioning names, you know who they are and so do they.

Nancy: Yes, I do know who and what you mean. There are several sources and some TV shows that I discount exactly for that reason. They want to make monsters of these beings because they think that's what people want. Which is true in part. We're always going to have those who love monster and scary stories. But just what does it do to help those who are seriously looking for answers? Looking for reality?

Leo: I think the only thing it does is keep people going in the wrong direction which is what some want and it gets them views and attention. It keeps good researchers spinning their wheels, which is a shame because for all of the assholes involved in the "Community", there are a lot of good people who just want to know what's really going on. Sure there are bad forest giants but there are also plenty of tribes that are amazing and want the best for us and are willing to interact with us peacefully.

Nancy: I agree with you. There is no shame in writing fiction if you want to spread a scary tale. But it should be labeled as such. Entertaining people with stories both true and untrue is part of human nature. But we shouldn't blur those lines between fact and fiction. I can honestly say I have experienced both sides of this. When I was younger I was "attacked" by a bigfoot [assuming one], that would wake me when I was sleeping, completely terrorizing me. At the time it was happening, I never equated it with sasquatch behavior and spent years trying to discover just what was tormenting me. But I understand now what was happening. I am also lucky enough to have experienced the "other side" of sasquatch, so to speak. I have interacted with them and know the difference between those who enjoy the fear and those who want only to have peace.

Leo: That's the thing, People who have only had negative experiences will insist that all Bigfoot are horrible beasts and people who have only had peaceful encounters will be just as defensive about them being harmless. My first experience was very overwhelming but I was in no danger and I also knew that he was some form of man, not animal or spirit or anything of the such. I have after all these years experienced more good than bad by far but I also know that other kinds of Bigfoot, both the ones that are neutral to us and ones that really don't like us at all are very much real too unfortunately. I know some things that I dismissed years ago I know know to be a fact and things that I was sure of were not true at all. Some good, some bad. I'll also open another topic here and that's the Bigfoot UFO/ Alien connection. I have no experience with the two combined but I have seen a UFO only a few thousand feet from my first Sasquatch sighting but years before so they may or may not have anything to do with each other. What are your thoughts on that? 

Nancy: The UFO/Bigfoot connection. Well, when I first started looking into this I was feeling that this was a little far fetched. But luckily I convinced myself that for this I still needed to keep an open mind. I began to form a theory when I looked into some reports that came out of Pennsylvania. The reports of UFOs and bigfoot sightings began to be talked about around 1968 and continued with intensity to 1973. I wrote a two-part blog post on these events. [See links below for those posts.] The most detailed report was from October 1973. Stan Gordon, a noted UFO researcher and investigator, was called to the scene. The more full description of the "creatures" sighted gave me the grounds for a theory.

I don't dispute the fact that people have been seeing bigfoot type beings at the same time that UFOs are being seen. But I don't believe that they are actual bigfoot or sasquatch in most cases. I am of the opinion that these are creatures that greatly resemble our earth beings, but may be aliens. Their walk is not reported as the smooth gait of a bigfoot. It is more a shambling, almost robotic movement. The eyes are often reported as glowing red or green. [Which is sometimes reported in bigfoot/sasquatch encounters also].  They appear unable to speak, either with words or through mindspeak, but make animalistic sounds, or even, in some cases, a sort of electronic beep.  Many people say that it seems as if the UFOs are either dropping off, or picking up these creatures.

Bigfoot UFOs Post Pt1 - Click Here
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And then there is the Native legend of the "Crazy Bears". This was reported in the 1888 journal kept by James C. Wyatt's grandfather. The Natives told him of a "small moon" that came down and ejected several creatures, man-like but covered in hair. The "moon" seemed to be piloted by human-looking beings. Every time they left off their "passengers" they would wave to the Natives as they left. It was said that these Crazy Bears were unable at first to fend for themselves. So the Native peoples took them in and fed them and sheltered them. After awhile, the Crazy Bears eventually seemed to function better and walked away from the settlements.  Of special note, is that these Native tribes did not refer to them in the same way that they did with sasquatch or bigfoot.

I know you have some things to say about the Nephilim theory or that bigfoot and sasquatch are "fallen angels".  I have a hard time with this aspect.

Leo: Yeah this is one I really don't like discussing at all because for some reason it always leads to an argument over religion and that is one thing that I refuse to do. I used to collect Bibles and have had several bible studies with various religions. I am aware that this theory has been around for a while and is still somewhat popular. I think that one reason for that is the Ketchum DNA study from a few years back where the term "Angel DNA" was associated with that study but first things first. Nowhere in any bible, Genesis or anywhere else will you find anything about Bigfoot and Nephilim having anything in common at all besides the word giant being used to describe Both. They have nothing in common besides that one word. The DNA study was quoted years ago as finding human and Angel DNA. The problem with this is that according to Ketchum herself, Angel DNA was simply a term that some use to refer to unknown DNA and that's it, not actual Angels.( "We have not said that it has Angel DNA: That was not said by anyone on our team, but by someone on the outside. That is a false rumor".) This was a quote when the Ketchum team was asked about the Angel DNA reference. I personally have never and will never support that study but if someone else does that's not my business but those two things are enough to put an end to the Nephilim theory for me. No Bible says it, no DNA study says it. That's that and case closed for me.

Nancy : I agree, having done enough Bible study and even teaching study groups to come to that same conclusion. I do think it is time that researchers and enthusiasts accept that every time they hear the words "giant" and "hairy" that it does not necessarily mean the being is a sasquatch or bigfoot.

Leo: Now on to the next theory and that is the terrible man eating, baby stealing monster animal theory, What do you think about that, Nancy?
credit to artist Dhamindra Jeevan

Nancy: In my research, I have failed to definitively find evidence that supports a massive human killing and eating network among the sasquatch and bigfoot.  It is entirely possible, POSSIBLE, mind you, there could be an isolated incidence of such a thing happening. In more remote areas, such as a deep swamp or an isolated mountain range, that this could occur. Instead of a more common family unit of sasquatch or a small bigfoot troop, you could possibly have an individual bigfoot who lives alone, prefers the solitude, and immensely dislikes humans. And if food is scarce, and a lone human wander into it's territory, then it is possible that the lone human could become a food source. However, I have not found any evidence of such a thing occurring.

Leo: I don't believe that either bigfoot or sasquatch are responsible for all the  missing people from the National Parks and such areas. There are too many variables for what could have happened to those people.The most dangerous beings on this planet are humans.I'm not saying it doesn't happen,it very well could but I do know that they're not all doing it and I don't think the numbers are near as high as some believe.

Nancy: Yes. If all sasquatch and bigfoot ate human flesh, I doubt that this continent would have been settled. The few that first ventured into the forests and into the mountains would have been easily gobbled up and soon no one would have dared explore the land.

So, if they might not be cannibals, fallen angels, Nephilim, aliens, or monsters, what else could they be?

Leo: In August (2020) it will be 23 years that I have been trying to figure out what I saw that day, like I said I knew he wasn't an animal. He was a man covered in hair with thought, feeling and emotion that spoke to me without moving his lips, beyond that I had no idea until 10 yrs later when I had my 2nd,3rd,4th and 5th encounters with a family of 2 adults and 2 male children that I realized that these were ancient people who had abilities that at one time I believe we once had but for the most part have all but lost. Anything that happened with them that was frightening was my own stupidity not anything evil on their part. We are still interacting with their extended family and I'm still alive and unharmed from them and so are you. I believe them to be the original natives of this land but how they came to be I can only conclude that they were created in the same way we were. I also believe that we left them not the other way around, we decided to change how we live and they basically said go for it but we're staying put. When this happened they kept the morals and spirituality that we have watered down to the point of almost losing our connection to mother nature and the elements. I guess the way I see it based on what the Sasquatch people have allowed us to see is that they are ancient people with advanced abilities and a deeper connection than we will ever comprehend.

Nancy: Outside of my earlier experiences and encounters that were negative, everything that I have experienced these past few years endorses what you say.  They are people. And I feel that they have been here a long time. They have great wisdom and ability to cope with anything nature throws into their path. I have experienced some of their advanced abilities and can see how they are stronger than many of the abilities that some humans seem to exhibit. [ESP, etc.]. I feel a deep connection to them and even deeper one to nature than I had before knowing them. I feel blessed.

Leo: I think the main thing that we want people to consider from this post is that even if our experiences and opinions differ it doesn't make any of us wrong. Are some Bigfoot animals? Sure, why not? are some Bigfoot aliens? If you have reason to believe that then yes they very well could be. Could some be monsters that are killing people? I wouldn't doubt it. I have had run ins with hair covered giants that were not Sasquatch people that are lousy enough that I wouldn't put it past them. The problem is we should be able to compare notes, experiences and encounters without trashing what others have encountered just because its not the same as we have and we are all guilty of this to some degree. That's just how this subject works. I have a ton of friends that are sure they are animals, I know that what I am dealing with are people but I still want to know what others are learning and to better know the connection between the two. We call all hair covered giants Bigfoot but that doesn't mean we are all talking about one singular being and it doesn't mean any of us have all of the answers because none of us do. If you run in to people that are trying to shut a certain part of the "Community" up, you may want to ask why? What is it that makes them so against another thought or idea that they can't just dismiss it rather than dedicate their whole life to keeping it quiet.

Nancy and I thank you for reading our blog and encourage you to do no more than at least consider what we have said and what others have to say.

Leo A Frank and Nancy Marietta.  


"I'll spark the thought; what you do with it is up to you."
 "Those that know, need no further proof. Those that don't, should not demand it from others, but seek it for themselves."

This Post By TCC Team Member Nancy Marietta. Nancy has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal and cryptids. Nancy is also a published author and her book, The Price of war, has been met with great reviews.

[Please Note: Sadly Nancy passed away at the first of January, 2022. We will continue to honor her and her research by sharing her work. RIP Nancy. -Thomas]

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1 comment:

  1. I enjoyed reading the conversation that Nancy and Leo had.

    I am about to discuss one tiny piece of the bigfoot-UFO connection theory. Studious "bigfoot people" know all about this theory because they have read the books and other writings on the subject. While I am a person who firmly knows that bigfoot is as real as white-tailed deer, cottontail rabbits, raccoons, and humans are, I don't have any personal evidence that will support or refute the bigfoot-UFO connection theory. Thus, I leave all possibilities open for now.

    So, on to my point of analyzing one tiny piece of the bigfoot-UFO connection: There is a certain famous bigfoot story from Pennsylvania. Stan Gordon and others followed up with the woman witness and some of her family members who were involved with the encounter. Long story short, in the dark of night, the woman who had the bigfoot in her yard went back indoors to retrieve either a shotgun or a rifle, she came back to the porch, she aimed the long-gun at the bigfoot, and she fired. And, POOF, the bigfoot "disappeared in a flash of light".

    If I'm not mistaken, the conclusion that Stan Gordon and perhaps others reached is that this is essentially proof that bigfoot can "disappear in a flash of light", thus suggesting that the creature is an alien from an extraterrestrial craft who can do things technologically or "magically" that humans currently cannot do.

    Being the realist that I am, I am quick to offer an alternative explanation to this event. As a lifelong hunter, I know that when a gun is fired in the darkness of night, the explosion from the gunpowder creates a brief, but very brilliant, fireball out the end of the barrel. It is a very bright flash of light that is startling to the person who fired the gun and to anyone else who was nearby and watching! This fireball/flash of light is typically not noticeable when a gun is fired in broad daylight.

    If you have never witnessed what I'm describing, let's just say that if you do ever witness it, you'll never forget the surprise and the shock!

    So, in regards to this particular bigfoot story, after the woman pulled the trigger and received at least 2 startling shocks -- (1) powerful recoil or "kick" from the shotgun or rifle, coupled with (2) a brief, blinding flash of light out the end of her gun -- at some point she shook off the shock, came to her senses, and noticed that the bigfoot was gone.

    I give my above analysis of the situation at least as high a likelihood of being plausible as the other guy's analysis of bigfoot having disappeared in a flash of light through a wormhole, portal, or other means back to its spacecraft or to its home planet or wherever.


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