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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

3 Day Expedition in Kentucky

Just a little over two weeks ago, I had a friend come to visit from Pontiac Michigan for some Bigfoot research in the wilds of Kentucky. This is our adventure.

I had met Lewis a little over a year ago, he is friends with some of our family in Michigan and he had came down with them to Kentucky, to visit. Well, as fate would have it, Lewis is also a bigfoot believer. We had some good conversation about bigfoot and other cryptids. It didn't take long for us to hatch a plan for him to come to Kentucky and for me to take him out bigfooting.

It was shortly after our first meeting that Lewis set out to get himself in a little better shape to hit the steep hills of Kentucky. In July of 2022, we took a trip to Michigan for a graduation celebration and had planned a little time to meet back up with Lewis to work out some details of our upcoming expedition.

A couple of months passed and it was time for our trip. 

On our first day we set out to an area that is pretty demanding with several steep hills. The area is a great area for bigfoot evidence and a place where I had a sighting a little over one year ago. I knew this would be our hardest day, so I wanted to take my time and not make it unenjoyable for Lewis. 

There is a particular spot in this area that has a lot of water and mud. In the past, I have found numerous bigfoot track there, in varying sizes. This was our target area for the day. 

We set out fairly early that morning and took our time up and down the rugged terrain. I had told Lewis that I could not guarantee we would find or see anything bigfoot related but that I had good luck there in the past. And the worse case scenario was that we would see some beautiful mountains.

On the hike Lewis had made the comment that "we could be only seconds away from a sighting". And that is the true. You never know what is about to happen and what you might see while back in the middle of the woods. A normal day out in the forest can change in just a matter of seconds.

We made it to the muddy area and I was scanning for tracks. I found some deer and a coyote but surprisingly the area was much dryer than normal. I was still hopeful that we might find a track but with it not being as wet I was I little discouraged. 

Then, there in the mud, was a very large imprint. Our trip had not been in vain as we found a track. Then as I'm looking around for additional tracks, I found another large track and then a third impression with less details. Then after that I would assume the ground was just too hard for tracks. While this track may not look very impressive at first glance I can tell you it was pretty amazing. The size of the tracks were pretty impressive. The length was roughly 17-18 inches and the width was roughly 9 inches wide at ball of the foot. It was much bigger than my size 12 boot. I actually placed my foot by the track and took a picture, well at least I thought I did. For some reason or another the camera did not take the comparison photo. Of course, I did not discover this until I got home. 

It is also worth noting that this was pretty far back in the woods. We are talking about a 2 mile or more walk in and area where almost no one goes. There is not really a reason for anyone to be back there. And to think someone walked back there with a size 17 or 18 foot just does not seem feasible.....well at least to me. And this was also the exact area where I have found numerous tracks in the past. 

Lewis was pretty excited at the finding, as was I, and snapped a few pictures of his own. But out day was far from over and we would make a few more discoveries. 

On our hike into the area, I had pointed out a few possible bigfoot tree breaks and showed him a couple areas that I always thought had some bigfoot stuff going on. Places were there seemed to be some stick manipulation going on. But that was in the first mile of the hike and I had not really found much in the way of stick formations this far back.

We decided to keep going, on past the muddy area, and see if we could find anything more or maybe even have a sighting. 

While we didn't have a sighting, we did find a tow X formation. The first X is at the top of this post and here is the second one.

By this time of the day we were both getting a little wore down and decided to start out hike back out of the area. 

We made it back to the truck and home without any problems and we both felt like it had been a good day. This was the end of day one but tomorrow was another day.

We finished the evening relaxing and watching some TV.  I knew and told Lewis that our hardest day was done and that it would not be as rough the next couple of days. 

Day 2

On the second day, I wanted to take Lewis to a spot where I had found some tracks and a couple of stick formations a couple of years ago. This area butts up with an old cemetery and is surrounded by forestland. I have heard that Bigfoot often like to visit graveyards, for whatever reason, and in this area I did find several tracks. For those who may not know, some of our cemeteries are back in the middle of the forest. Normally there is a gravel road, which can sometimes be rough, that lead to these out of the way graveyards.

We got to the cemetery and explored the area a little bit but didn't really find much other than a couple of possible old tree breaks. So, it was on to area 2 of the day. We went to an out of the way lake that is basically in the middle of the mountains. While I have never really found much in this area, I had heard about some sightings from years gone by. We explored this area, which by the way is a beautiful spot, and I told Lewis about some of the reports from the area. 

As we are exploring, and by this time we were headed back toward the truck, we stopped to look around the edge of the shoreline. I spotted what appeared to be a dark figure standing near the edge of the water. I pointed it out to Lewis and took out my binoculars. 

I know there are no houses around the lake and no way to walk to the area without doing so through the very steep mountains. We looked at the possible figure, zooming with our cell phones, and talking about it. We never could say for sure if it was indeed a figure, a shadow or just a tree truck.

Best I could tell, whatever it was never moved. We moved around to see if we could get a better view but the trees kind of blocked it. We finally made it back to the truck never knowing just what the figure was or was not. But regardless, it add a little excitement to our trip and a little more mystery. 

After this, I took Lewis to a couple notable sighting locations and just showed him around at some of our scenic areas. 

We eventually headed home and I took the long way so Lewis could see some of the old cars people have parked around the countryside. He calls them "Rusty Gold" and like him I enjoy seeing all the old cars and trucks and can't help but think about how fun it would be to fix them up.

This was the end of day 2.....on to day 3!

Day 3

On the third day we tore out in the ATV. I wanted to not only have some fun but explore some areas for tracks. We loaded up and headed for the mountains. It was a little bit cool on this morning.

Once we got in the mountains, we stopped at a few locations to take in the scenery and explore for some tracks. I had told Lewis we stood a good chance at getting a little mud on us. The old mining/logging road was in worse shape than it was a few months earlier. There was more mud holes than before and the main road had washed out a little from the spring rains. And yes, we got muddy but it was fun.

We stopped at one place that was basically a small pond. We wanted to look for tracks. There was numerous deer tracks and some coyote. We are walking and I hear something. I ask Lewis if he heard and and he didn't and then in a few minutes it did it again and we both heard it. We are not sure just what it was and we tried a few calls but never got a responds. Just what it was we just don't know. 

After a little while, we got back in the ATV and headed on around the mountain. We found a few more animal tracks but no bigfoot tracks. We finally got to a spot where the road had slide in and while we could have made it past it, we decided to head back. 

Once out of this area we went to another location and found some tracks of things like turkeys, coyotes and bears. But again , no bigfoot tracks. We finally called it a day and headed home.

That night we enjoyed some TV and talked about some of our adventure. It was a fun time and Lewis was good company. We covered a lot of area, found some tracks, some stick formations, heard some sounds, and saw a possible figure next to the lake.  All in all it was a good time. Lewis and some of our family that came with him, left the next morning.

I must also note that we did a little filming for an upcoming documentary, but I don't want to give too much of that away at this point.

I want to thank Lewis for the enjoyable time we had in the woods and hopefully we can do it again next year.

Hope you all enjoyed the post.      


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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