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Saturday, August 20, 2022

Late Night Visit From Sasquatch

It was around midnight on January 15, 2018, when our witness and his wife were awakened by a loud thump from outside their bedroom window in Missouri.

Outside their window was a large plastic storage box to hold their charcoal for BBQ, along with their BBQ grill covered with its winter tarp. The thump appeared to be the sound of something hitting the side of the storage box. The two were very familiar with the sound, having bumped into that box many times during the summer while cooking out. However, the sound was certainly out of place for the middle of winter and the middle of the night. 

After they both realized that they had both heard the sound, they lay listening. The husband felt the bed slightly tremble like it would when large trucks would drive by the house. "I hear footsteps," he said. Both were not whispering, but speaking in normal tones.

The two lay awake, listening for a little while. When there were no more sounds or vibrations, they finally went back to sleep.

The next morning, with it still being very cold [temperatures below freezing with the wind chill], the two remained mostly indoors. In the middle of the afternoon, the wife called for her husband to come look outside at the sideyard. He looked out the bedroom window to see a line of large, widely spaced footprints next to the house, which backed up their belief that there had been an 'intruder' during the night.

They went outside to investigate further. That was when they discovered that there was actually two lines of tracks coming toward their house from the west. The line of tracks curved in an s shape alongside the house just outside the bedroom window.

One set of tracks was 13 to 14 inches long, 5 inches wide at the heel, and 7 inches wide at the toe. Some of the tracks showed definite toe marks. All the prints were smooth, with nothing similar to a boot or shoe print.

The second line of tracks appeared to be smaller footsteps and was theorized as being a juvenile's. Those prints also showed clear toe prints inside some of the footprints.

It is supposed that this is what happened the night before. Both lines of tracks approached the house. As the house was neared the smaller tracks began to show dragging toes side by side as if the larger one partially lifted the smaller one up, leaving both feet dragging making marks in the snow, side by side before resuming walking. Then at other points, the smaller prints appeared to show that it had hopped repeatedly two or three times on one foot, then 'jumped' or been lifted, again dragging both feet for a distance of some eight feet, and then planting one foot and resuming stride, or hopping onto the other foot. The witnesses thought that it was one of those hops or jumps that may have caused the young one to bump into the storage box.

It was at the storage box that the line of prints became a single track with the smaller one being lifted and carried. The stride length of the larger prints up to that point had averaged 5 1/2 feet. When the smaller one was lifted and carried, the stride length grew to 6 feet in length and at some points neared 7 feet. There was no indication of running; no toe or heel scuffs like what would be made by a human attempting to run in 6 inches of snow. There were "brush" marks at the back of some of the tracks that could have been made by hair hanging from the legs.

The tracks of the larger one went from the house to the road, although snow plows erased those prints. They continued at an angle across the yard on the other side of the road. At approximately 100 feet in, the stride slightly reduced and the smaller prints were again visible. The two lines of tracks then continued in a straight line another 300 feet toward a dense tree line.

When the researcher finally arrived to photograph the prints, many of them were slightly degraded by the wind-blown snow dropping from the trees overhead. By Wednesday the temperatures had risen and most the tracks were erased. The tracks in the neighbor's yard had gotten trod over by the stray dogs in the neighborhood who seemed to find the tracks very interesting. By Friday the snow had melted and there were no traces of the tracks left.

The area is forested residential land. The witnesses plot is a 10-acre lot with 9 of them "natural" Ozark forest. The remaining acre, although having buildings and the house is still heavily wooded.

Thanks to the BRFO for the report (58937). More photos of the prints and the area can be found on http://bfro.net/.

[Video Version - Click Here]


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This Post By TCC Team Member Nancy Marietta. Nancy has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal and cryptids. Nancy is also a published author and her book, The Price of war, has been met with great reviews.

[Please Note: Sadly Nancy passed away at the first of January, 2022. We will continue to honor her and her research by sharing her work. RIP Nancy. -Thomas]

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  1. Go to bfro.net like I did and see the rest of the story. Go to Missouri and then Taney County to find this report. Ron Boles, a BFRO investigator, took a video while he walked the bigfoot's trackway with the homeowner/witness. While videoing a closeup of a certain print that shows the mid-tarsal push-off hump of snow in about the middle of the bigfoot's print, Boles commented that the hump was created by push-off of the TOES. I was disappointed in Boles's analysis of that feature. My expectation is that Boles would know about bigfoot's flexible mid-tarsal joint -- which is very much unlike we humans' fixed arch. On each step, we push off with our toes. Bigfoot pushes off with the middle of his/her foot because the mid-foot bones are not fused into an arch like ours are.

  2. yes, we give the link at the end of the post. Inexperienced researchers and those who have not found a lot of tracks don't understand the mid-tarsal and how it is only really visible at times in a print.

  3. My point regarding Boles is that he is an "official BFRO investigator" and thus should not be an inexperienced researcher. Did he take a nap during that part of his schooling?!!

    For those of you who may not know, anthropologist Drs. Meldrum and Krantz reverse-engineered what the foot structure must be in Bigfoot's feet to exhibit the mid-tarsal push-off hump in soft mud, in soft snow, in loose sand, and maybe in other soft substrates. In firmer substrates, that mid-tarsal joint causes a depression that is deeper than both the front of the foot and the heel. That's because most of the beast's body weight is focused on mid-foot at push-off. (Human body weight is focused on the ball and toes at push-off -- with the toes being the only part of our foot that flexes.)

    Bigfoot's flexible mid-tarsal joint is also the main reason that Bigfoot's walking gait is different than ours, with his/her bent knees and an overall "fluid glide". Differences in Bigfoot vs. human hip structure and foot length also contribute to the different gait. Not to mention that all of that contributes to each of his/her footfalls being nearly directly in front of the other in almost a straight line. Our footfalls are staggered left-right-left-right by several inches.

    Interesting stuff to me.


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