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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Encounter with a Wood Devil

Earlier before my family’s shared UFO encounter of Labor Day Weekend 1969 back in 1960 when I was still 4 and a half years old I had another strange encounter at the camp in Weare, New Hampshire. This time though it was with an animal known throughout New Hampshire as a Wood(s) Devil(s).  I was playing in a hand made wooden sand box on the Northwest side of the yard (Same area where my family and I had first seen the UFO years later), and I became aware of something moving stealthily through the grove of Poplar, White Birch, and White Pine trees behind the camp. I’d look up and if it wasn’t standing directly behind a tree it would freeze in mid-stride and wait until I dropped my head or turned my gaze away to the safety of the camp.

They say (You know those that know these things) that Wood Devils only exists nowadays in Coos (Pronounced CO-OZ) County, the northern most county in New Hampshire, but I remember stories about them in southern New Hampshire when I was a kid. Wood Devils are described by witnesses as sleeker, thinner, and faster than Sasquatch/Bigfoot, and some of the other Forest Giants, but only stand about 6 to 6 and a half to maybe even 7 feet tall. It’s unknown if they are related in anyway to Sasquatch/Bigfoot, and other Forest Giants because they have a very distinct large round head, with large black sparkling eyes, with a wrinkled brow and a flat black mug of a face (Like a Pug Dog).  Witnesses talk about their range of Human-like facial expressions. They are fawn colored or grey, and if you can notice the ears they lay very flat to the side of the head mid-way like a Human’s ear. They have hands and fingers similar to ours and the feet are a strong complex multi-jointed structure like Human feet.

Witnesses report that Wood Devils are extremely fast and blend right into the trees by standing behind them and moving quickly between them.  I’d gather to say they are probably great tree climbers and have little or no trouble cross bodies of water. It was the Timber Industry of 19th and early 20th centuries that first identified them and gave them a name. As you probably heard from Thomas Marcum New Hampshire is all about timber and most likely to be the most forested state in North America. It was during the height of the Timber Industry that most of the sightings occurred. There was a resurgence in sightings that occurred during the 1930s, and the 1940s... perhaps corresponding to the furniture industry.

At one point in my encounter I began talking to the Wood Devil coaxing it to come out from behind a tree. At this point my mother heard me speaking and wondering if I was talking to one of the neighbors (The neighbors were an old farm couple and often delivered eggs) and came out of the kitchen door to see who I was with.  My mother didn’t see the elusive creature but she asked me to describe what I had seen. I told her it was a thin tall critter that blended in with the trees. And that it was difficult to see until it reached the rope and wooden seated swing set. That reference made it too close for comfort and my mother quickly and quietly brought me into the camp.

While hiking out behind the camp later that summer with family and friends we discovered someone had dumped all the pluck and offal from butchered chickens alongside the logging road leading down to the river. It was also discovered something had sorted through the pile and that there were bare footprints resembling that of a Human. I remember after this my father was very cautious whenever hiking or walking down to the swimming hole. My father was very open about what he was doing: looking for spore and sign of a critter he once explained as having feet too big to be that of a Raccoon, but not quite looking like that of a man. Over time we came to realize we were never out in the forests there near the camp alone. I never did see the Wood Devil again, but that only leads me to suggest they are pretty intelligent and managed to stay covered and concealed until you have passed them by.


This post by TCC Team Member Stephen Kohler. Stephen is a 12th Generation New Englander. Retired Combat Disabled Veteran, 25 Years Honorable Service in the Army as Enlisted, and an Officer. Researcher at the Pentagon. Bigfoot enthusiast, Soldier, Teacher, Writer, Outdoorsman, and Horse Tender.

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1 comment:

  1. Interesting story, Stephen. Thank you for the education on the wood devil.


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