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Monday, July 11, 2022

Digital Composite by Thomas Marcum

 UFO Seen In Weare, New Hampshire

My Family Shared An Encounter Similar To The 1969 Berkshire County UFO Sightings And Abductions That Occurred On Labor Day Weekend Of 1969. Our sighting was similar in many ways except I believe it was a few years earlier. However, I’ve never been able to confirm a date, which only adds to the mystique of the event. My sister believes it was the same weekend as the Berkshire encounters and happened on or about dark of Friday Night 29 August 1969 (Labor Day Weekend) while unloading our car at our camp (A one room schoolhouse built in 1776 with a carriage shed adjacent to it in Weare, New Hampshire) we watched as a saucer shaped UFO rose over the neighbor's (Blanchard) field and forest adjacent to our property.

The crickets, frogs and all other nightlife all went silent. When the saucer was just above the pine trees multicolored lights appeared on the center rim of the craft. The lights reminded me of the colors of lights of a Ferris Wheel. The saucer blocked out the stars in the night sky behind it. The UFO remained stationary hovering soundlessly as the lights seemed to spin around the rim and then turn off. This occurrence with the lights repeated itself every so often. It was at the moments when the lights were off that we could really see how large the saucer was because of all the stars that were blocked out.

My father later told me that he estimated the size of the craft to be two hundred or so feet in diameter. It easily would have covered the camp and the acre of property had it moved directly over us. The hovering craft remained in the general area for well over an hour, and at some point -- as my sister says, "came over the top of the camp". I remember my mother on the camp's stone steps urging me to go inside the camp, and me trying to look out a small bedroom window to see the craft. But the roof off the porch blocked my view and all I could see was the glow of the lights.

My parents and sister came indoors after the craft moved on. It was a pretty restless night trying to sleep. The next morning at my sister's urging my father and I visited the Goffstown Police Department and reported our sighting to the chief. The chief relayed that he received hundreds of telephone calls about this incidence. My father and I then visited the neighbors (Blanchard, and Palmer) on either side of out properties and established they had witnessed it too. We also visited Florence Dow the local renowned ufologist, and she shared she had seen it as well. After reading about the Sheffield sightings I've often wondered if our sighting was somehow related.

Like I said before I am not entirely sure of the date of this occurrence. My sister and I debate it all the time. I’ve been scouring the internet and researching possibilities for some time now, but have not found anything to confirm my thoughts that the occurrence took place.


This post by TCC Team Member Stephen Kohler. Stephen is a 12th Generation New Englander. Retired Combat Disabled Veteran, 25 Years Honorable Service in the Army as Enlisted, and an Officer. Researcher at the Pentagon. Bigfoot enthusiast, Soldier, Teacher, Writer, Outdoorsman, and Horse Tender.

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