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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Was It Bigfoot Talking?

Did a young man hear a couple of bigfoot talking outside of his family's home? It looks like that is very well what it might have been. Check out the rest of the story.

I recent got and email from a friend who I have been emailing back and forth with for several years. He always has some interesting stories and odd things to share with me. Some of the bigfoot related stories I can not share for one reason or another. But today I have some interesting events that I can share. 
Here is the email I got from JM
JM Writes:

"My youngest son came home from his girlfriends around 11:45pm back in early October and pulled in our turn around and parked and got out of the car.  When he heard a noise to his left which is kind of a hole that is woods that runs between my house and my only neighbor, a widow lady in her 60's, my wife's Mom. The turnaround has a short driveway and road and then the hole as we call it, maybe 20 yards from car to wood line.  He said he turned to look and heard the strangest sounds coming from the hole area. He said it was deep and gibberish and sounded like someone getting chewed out. I asked him if he recognized the sound being an animal, we hear all the time in the woods, and he said no. 

I found a website and started playing sounds of animals in Kentucky for him and none matched. So I asked him to describe in more detail and he said it sounded like a conversation but gibberish.  I took a chance and went to the Sasquatch Chronicles page and played the intro which has several different recordings of supposed bigfoots for him and he was like, not it, not it and then the English lady speaks a few lines and there is a deep based chatter and his eyes popped wide and he said that's it, identical!!!  I played it again, and he said for sure.  I asked him how long it went on and he said maybe 20 seconds and stopped and then he said I took two steps in that direction and then I got a deep guttural growl from the same direction to which he said I went in the house immediately and locked the door.

About two weeks later my wife and I went out of town on a mini-vacation and she had our youngest son or our daughter let her dogs out each morning and kennel them at night.  She usually kennels them around 10:30 in the evening in the laundry room and lets them out around 6:00am in the mornings.  With us gone my son and daughter changed their time table to about 8:30pm being kenneled and let out around 8:00am. The first night she kenneled the dogs and left and my son stayed with a friend so there was no one home and her Mom was gone as well those nights, which is highly unusual. The next evening, my son decided to stay there and got home around 11:15 and kenneled the dogs up and he had the house locked up and settled into the den on the back of the house to play some video games. He said around 12:15am something slapped or hit the backside of the house hard enough he heard and felt it and we have two cats inside and they both ran into the den looking at the windows.  He sent a frantic text to myself, wife, sister and brother and asked us to look on our phones at the security cameras in the back of the house that something hit the house and my daughter was still up and looked and saw nothing.  He himself has never wanted access to the cameras until now.  I read the text the next morning and went back and looked through the video and found nothing but there are gaps in the coverage.  It scared him enough that he had a .12- and .20-gauge shotgun and a pistol in the den the rest of the night.

In the September time frame my wife and I would go to her Mom's next door and take pizza and sit outside on the deck and eat supper with her and there has been a couple of times we heard strange howls/yells off in the distance.  Her Mom will not even acknowledge the sounds and has lived there 35 years. My wife is a skeptic as well but when we would hear them, she would look at me and say what is that? All I can say is I have no ideal.  

One of my brothers and his wife like to come to my property and they will walk it looking for hickory chicks in the spring and this last spring they were out in the late afternoon and he said he heard a distinct wood single, wood on wood knock.  His wife is oblivious to most things but heard it and said what knocked? They were walking around again in late spring and had the same thing happen. They have had some interesting walks on the Daniel Boone parking area and Wilderness Road trail.  

Well, that's the latest around our area. 

JM "

-End Email from JM-

Well, as you can probably see, JM has some interesting things going on around this area. Some of those areas he mentions I have been in many times. Like the Wilderness Road area. This is a great place for Bigfoot ...with lots of woods and water. It is rather isolated as well, so bigfoot could live there undisturbed. 
As for the bigfoot vocals, I have heard bigfoot speak several times. Some of those times were very brief but one time was much longer. To me it sounded like someone talking just far enough away that you couldn't make out the words, but it was easily a recognizable speech pattern.

A big thanks to JM for sharing some stories with all of us. 

Hope you all enjoyed them.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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  1. Fascinating experiences. Can't say I can blame the young man for being "unnerved".

  2. Unnerved. Stunned. Awakened. Mind-racing. Jaw-dropping. Heart-pounding adrenaline rushes. Re-booting of the brain as to what exists on this planet. Life-altering. All those things and more happened to me in just 2 days in May 2021 when Thomas took me into the east KY woods. And we didn't hear any vocalizations or wood knocks. But the message came across very very clear as I witnessed more than 50 bare footprints in the mud from at least 6 individuals in just 2 days of casual strolling, not to mention the stick-structure and sapling-manipulation work that the beast leaves as undeniable evidence. This forest-sign-reader went from already-convinced-of-existence to smack-me-in-the-head-with-a-2-by-4 awakening as to the inferred sizable population of the hirsute beast in the Appalachians. And likely also in other sizably-forested regions of the eastern USA.


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