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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Bigfoot Photo - Mark Anders Creation

There is a photo making the rounds again. It appears to have been started by an Instagram user, accidentally. He used this photo [above] along with a photo of a footprint in snow and posted them to his followers on his account. He/she presented them as a form of "What would you do if ? . . ." and gave the readers a list of answers of what they would do if confronted with the subjects of the photos.

And now this photo is making the rounds on all the bigfoot/sasquatch/cryptid sites with no background, making everyone go "OOH" and "AHH".

Well hold onto your hats. 

This photo is from Mark Anders. From a series of videos he shares on his channel [Mark Anders Channel] on YouTube. The videos seem to be comprised of his talking while showing a series of still photos of bigfoot. The "sightings" have been shared since around 2012/2013 and are said to be from an anonymous third party source. Some people have a problem with that. That single fact doesn't bother me. But it is just a brick in the wall, so to speak. [Cue Pink Floyd. Sorry, but if the song is going to be bouncing around in my head, it's only fair to let you enjoy it too. LOL.]

Unfortunately, the images of the bigfoot being shared seem to all resemble each other. Some in the exact same position only being claimed to have been sighted from Canada to Mexico; Idaho, Texas, Los Angeles, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, Washington state, New York state, and Maine. [And I've probably missed a few.]

So, who is Mark Anders?

No one really knows. He has a YouTube channel. His real name may or may not be Mark Anders. No one knows. Some say it must be a fake name. Where is he from? Some say he lives in California. There appears to be no biographical information on him available.

As for his bigfoot "videos", many are calling them hoaxes. The same black colored bigfoot appears in the photos used in the videos from coast to coast; country to country; state to state. A popular claim is that it is a man in a costume. If a costume, it's a pretty good one. Someone else believes that it is a miniature -- some sort of statue that is being strategically placed next to plants and such that resemble larger sized vegetation but are in reality only 1 to 2 feet tall. Another view is that the photos are CGI. That's why the photos are blurry; to cover up the edges.

If it's a costume, where did he get it? Who made it for him? If a full-sized statue, who made it? Would something like that be costly to make? How heavy would it be? How easy would it be to move it? If a smaller scale model, much easier to move around. How hard would it be to find the right plants to place it next to in order to fake the size? And again, who made it? And what was the cost?

In many of the photos, the arms seem to be in the same position, or blocked from view. The illusion of movement seems to be given by slightly different positions of the figure in each succeeding photo. Not much arm swing is demonstrated by the photos. Although promise of viewing the actual video of the moving figure is promised, it seems that they are not available. I may have missed them.

It seems that for each reported encounter and video given to Anders, he made several of his own, presenting different aspects. 

He does present videos on other topics in addition to his bigfoot footage. Some of these are said to be hoaxed, along with at least some of his bigfoot ones. And you know how the "community" is : if one is fake all your work is fake.

Anders' Georgia Bigfoot has been shown to be a photoshopped photograph of a gorilla from a zoo. Several people in the past demonstrated how easy it was to morph a photo of the gorilla into a bigfoot, and vice versa.

He also finally presented a female bigfoot; in answer, I guess, to Patty. Each photo of his female bigfoot seem to all look like his "Angie", no matter what location a female bigfoot was encountered.

New York female

Phil Poling discussed some of the problems with Anders' videos and photos. Check out the link below.


So, is Mark Anders a hoaxer? Or has he been sharing the real stuff? It is possible that hidden behind all his videos, there is something real. Some of it looks very, very good.

If he is a hoaxer, then what is his purpose? To make money? How? And where did the money come from to make the costume, if costume it is? Who's supplying the money? If no hidden sponsor, where did he get his money that he has enough to play this huge of a joke on the public?

His bigfoot photos aren't the only puzzle to solve.

Are they real?

And who is Mark Anders?

For clarification : here is the Instagram post from the user:


New Youtube video - Hairy Man Hoaxes and Hoodwinks Ep. 1

This may be Mark Anders, it sure sounds like him - Is this Anders?


"I'll spark the thought; what you do with it is up to you."

Mark Anders Channel
Steve Busti

This Post By TCC Team Member Nancy Marietta. Nancy has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal and cryptids. Nancy is also a published author and her book, The Price of war, has been met with great reviews.

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