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Monday, May 24, 2021

Bigfoot Jumped Into Mud 
More From Our Recent Expedition

Once again, this may be a rather short post but I really wanted to share the things we found during our trip. Guy and I spent, what amounts to two full days and one evening, out looking for evidence of bigfoot. As you may have read in a previous post, Guy is a retired chemical engineer who has a keen interest in Bigfoot. He also had a possible bigfoot event back in 2006 that I hope to share in the near future.  

On on first full day out in the mountains, we were hiking in a gated area that is only monitored a few times a year. It was an area were I had had some success in the past but I had not been into this year. We were roughly about one to one and a half miles in on the trail when we came upon this marsh/bog type of area. I was familiar with the area as I had checked it in the past for possible evidence. On this day we got more the we expected. 

I was standing on the trail while looking into the swampy area. There in the soft rock and mud was two large, side by side foot tracks. There was a gap from the trail to the marsh area, as well as about two foot drop down. Apparently, this bigfoot jumped from the trail into the marsh area, and landed with both feet. The impressions were deep and this thing must have sunk up good. But just seeing this was not enough for me, so I worked my way to the back of the marshy area.

Two large impression where the creature landed

Once around to the back and other side of the swampy area, I was able to discover another track that was part in the water and out of the water. This track had much better definition than where the jump impressions were. Even though the track was old it still showed the big toe and the second toe fairly well. At this point, we were pretty excited and were scanning around looking for more tracks. The only other visible track was more of just and a large impression in the tiny rocks that had washed into the area. 

Guy's hand next to the track. This would be a left foot.

Guy pointed out that a bug had tunneled and left debris in the big toe area. This also let us know the track had probably been there for a while. So, by looking and discussing the tracks, Guy and I are pretty sure the creature jumped from the trail into the marsh. Then moved to it's left, but it got way too soft on the far left, so it turned back right stepping into the tiny rocks, leaving the impression, then the other foot hit and left the nice track with the toe impressions. 

It was easy to see that the creature had exited the swamp area and mostly likely when up a rocky gully. The back of the marsh and the right side had a lot of rocks and it was much too hard for anything to leave a track.

As we analyzed what we were looking at, Guy demonstrated the jump movement on the trail. A human could have made the jump into the marsh, it was not a great gap to cross, but then neither of us was willing to do it. If we hit in the wrong spot we could have sunk up to our knees. Once you consider the other track with visible toes, and the other large impression in the tiny rocks, and the remoteness of the area, there is just no way to conclude this was done by a human being. These tracks were made by a bigfoot, plain and simple.

Also, I must be clear here, only a few family members knew where I was going that day. One being my wife, the other being my dad. Guy, who drove 11 hours to go squatching with me, had no idea where I was taking him. So, just put away any thoughts you might have about someone going into the area and making fake tracks for us to find. 

But while this discovery was exciting, this expedition had much more in store for us. I hope to share more in the coming days about our adventure. I have some videos as well as more pictures to share. I might have slightly gotten ahead of myself trying to relay this information to the readers. This post, the Bigfoot jumped into mud, really details our first good discovery of the day. My first post, Recent Bigfoot Outing, should have been the second post to keep everything in sequence.

Watch for another post soon.

I hope you are enjoying the information and images.



This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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