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Monday, March 15, 2021

Urban Bigfoot Part Three: First Contact!
Does Bigfoot Live In My City?

By Dorraine Fisher

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I’d be investigating bigfoot in the middle of the city. I knew they were smart, I knew they didn’t need wilderness in order to thrive, but I just didn’t think I’d find all this evidence of bigfoot in town. But life certainly has its twists and turns, I guess.
I decided I had enough proof gathered in this area that I should try to make contact with them. I had no idea how many there were. Maybe there was only one, although the footprints suggested there was possibly a whole small family. So I decided I would find a well-hidden place and leave some food to see if I could make contact.

I loaded my backpack with apples and bananas and headed to the trailhead. I tried to make sure I had no expectations about them. It was possible that an urban bigfoot might be even more shy and elusive than the rural ones. But I felt I had to try. 

As I walked the trail of the park, I could see things had been moved around since the day before but nothing too significant. But I knew this was an urban trail with extra foot traffic and I needed to find a good hiding place for this fruit where no people could find it and possibly cause trouble. And as I was walking, I came across what clearly looked like a nesting area, possibly for deer, but who knew? I pushed through thick heavy brush so I could see what was up there, and I looked around for bigfoot prints. And I came across this:

One good footprint with discernible toes in this large nesting area. And there was a very large tree there among the twisted branches where I could hide the food and see what happened.

I was talking to them the whole time as I was sure I was being watched, especially in that area. And I decided to hike around the area a little more extensively and see if I could find more prints or structures hidden in the thick woods that didn’t get much maintenance from the park employees. And as I was walking, I noticed another trail that I hadn’t seen before. It was very narrow and cut through thick brush. And I knew it couldn’t be seen in summer when the summer foliage was full. But now it was easy to see and easy to walk down, so I tiptoed through with my ears and eyes open the whole time.
As soon as I was out of sight of the main trail, I was flabbergasted to come across another amazing structure that I hadn’t seen before. 

And it had a large barricade built down the hill directly across from the structure.

This might be to trap the deer that now lived in the park, and often headed down the hill. This could possibly redirect them where they could be ambushed, or it might serve to camouflage bigfoot from human view in the winter months.Or maybe both.
I searched the area for other evidence. I was hoping to find hair or something else with DNA but I didn’t this time. But I did find one curious footprint in the hard clay near the structure with slightly discernible toe outlines. And it was amusing to find the Starbucks caps pressed down in the middle of it which seemed to highlight the urban bigfoot theme here even more.
I looked all around this area for anything else I could find. It definitely looked like an area they could easily hide in any time of year.

But in the summer, this would be impenetrable by any humans. And I was glad to be able to come down here in winter before the foliage had gotten thicker.
I left the area knowing I’d be back the next day to check on the food I’d left for them.

The next day I came without food. I didn’t know if they had taken it or not, and I was trying to avoid having any expectations. But when I arrived at the trailhead, the first thing I saw was this:

This was very odd. It was the “No Swimming” sign that had been way down over the hill and at the bottom near the pond and they had plunged it into the dirt not twenty feet from the entry point that I always use.  I felt very sure it was “them” that had done it. I had no way of knowing for sure, but after years of research, I knew that they do things like this. I laughed. I felt it was a kind of hello from them. And I thanked them for it and talked to them as I was walking along. I knew they were probably watching me the whole time.
As I walked along the trail, I found several possible prints like this one and other trees and sticks that had been moved around.

And I found the nesting area where I’d left the fruit. I climbed up and pushed through the brush again. And first, I looked around for more prints but all I could see what that the ground had been pressed down all over the spot. And I was trying to remember which tree I’d left the fruit behind. It was the biggest tree in the spot and I suddenly found it. And I gasped as I saw the fruit had been removed. I was happy enough about that, but then as I was searching around to see what I could see, I suddenly spotted the banana peels. They had actually peeled the bananas and left the peels there for me to find.

Only a being with thumbs can do that.
I was so excited to make contact that I wished that I’d brought more food. But I told myself I’d bring more the next day as I knew I wouldn’t be able to get back there until the following weekend. I searched the area some more. I talked to them for a little while as I knew they were still probably watching and I headed out.
The next day, I hoped for a welcome sign like the sign they’d left me the day before, but I noticed subtle things had been changed instead.
This time I was loaded up with bananas and apples again, headed for the spot. I knew I needed to find a slightly different spot because the nesting area I was using would be hard to get to in summer. But I knew I needed to find a spot close to the first one. I searched close to the original area and found an old log that was really large and heavy that wasn’t going anywhere too easily and the back of it was not visible from any of the trails. I talked to them for a while and explained why I was changing the spot and I laid the fruit there out of sight. And I walked around the area to make sure it couldn’t be seen from any angle.
And then I decided to walk around the main trail for a while and see if anything was different.  And I found a couple of new structures fairly close to my gifting log.

And also, more footprints in the area.

And as I was walking around taking pictures, I walked out of sight of the gifting area, I heard a distinct sound that I wish I’d been able to capture. It was a voice that I couldn’t describe in any other way except the sound of Billy Bob Thornton’s voice in the movie Slingblade. It was very distinct and sounded exactly like that. But it sounded like it was coming from the gifting area. I walked slowly to that area to see if I could see anything, but of course, I didn’t. And at this early stage in building trust, I didn’t rush to turn my camera on. I had already told them I didn’t need to see them and only wanted to make contact. But I was so grateful to hear that voice for only a couple of seconds.

After that, I left the area again. I would return the following week to see if they’d taken the fruit.
The following week, I returned to find the apples gone again, but I didn’t see the banana peels anywhere. I looked and looked and finally found them with a small glyph built around them.

I’m not entirely sure what this means and many other researchers have their opinions about it, but I wondered if they were highlighting that they preferred the bananas or they just wanted to draw my attention to the fact that they’d taken them. It doesn’t matter.  The journey begins here between me and these amazing beings who have blessed me by coming into my town.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Bigfoot Research Journal

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