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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

How To Live A Better Life...The Paranormal Way???  MUST READ!!!
By Dorraine Fisher

Since we’re all made up of energy, just like any kind of energy we ourselves have a vibrational frequency; an energy signature that determines so many things about us that we can’t even imagine. But we aren’t taught about this and most people don’t know about it at all. But what if I told you your vibration is something you should definitely focus on raising every day because it determines the level of personal power that you hold within yourself? It makes you powerful.Would that get your attention?

In order to understand the importance of our vibration we first have to remember that the great scientist Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to learn the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” But Tesla fans and all purveyors of science have basically ignored this concept and this quote since he said it. I believe Tesla was giving us a very important clue about existence and reality and that we need to pay more attention to it. By starting with our own personal vibration. And in order to understand what it means to raise our own vibrations, we first have to understand what it means if we have a low vibration.

When you have a low vibration it’s easy to tell. You may be subject to small accidents, small incidents of bad news, moody people, stumbling, tripping over rugs, paper cuts, dropping things, bumping your head, etc. If your vibration becomes even lower, you’ll be prone to even bigger accidents, car accidents, serious falls, worse incidents of bad news, unwarranted emotional outbursts from other people, And when your vibration is at its very lowest, you become a vibrational match to what you might consider to be the stuff of evil: you’ll become a target for mentally deranged people like narcissists and psychopaths, you’ll witness violence around you, or you’ll be a victim of violence yourself. You’ll find yourself being emotionally or physically manipulated by others. You’ll attract scores of people who’ll seem to be out to get you in some way. You may even be visited by what you might consider to be the devil or demons. You’ll experience the worst that reality has to offer. And all this will skew your perceptions. You’ll begin to believe this horror show is your reality and that you’re stuck with it, and by believing it, you’ll perpetuate more of these negative experiences into your reality. Possibly forever. Negative energy builds momentum and sticks if you don’t stop it.

Don’t believe me? I didn’t believe it either until my vibration got so low that I was attracting scores of bad experiences into my reality. And it got so bad that I had to find out how to make it stop. I didn’t know anything about vibration at that time and was lucky enough to stumble onto the right information that helped me. Or maybe I “stumbled” onto it by design?  Who knows?

But raising your vibration and keeping it as high as possible is not only essential to your well-being, it is the proverbial missing link to your power. Your vibration will make you weak and miserable if it is low and will make you strong and powerful and happy if it is high.

When your vibration is high something amazing happens in your reality. You become almost invincible. Things start working out for you. People around you seem happier and more agreeable and willing to assist you. The traffic lights turn green nearly everywhere you go. People exercise common courtesy and are more forgiving. The world takes on a new look. It looks more beautiful. Everyone around you is positive and happy. It becomes more difficult for you to be injured or bothered. Narcissists and psychopaths leave you alone. People that didn’t like you before will either stay away from you or will become more agreeable. Your professional life can go in a more positive direction. You’ll get that raise or promotion. Animals and children can seem to gravitate toward you. You take on a new kind of energy that everyone around you notices. You seem to have a glow about you while at the same time you seem protected from everything bad in the world.  And they may ask you what you’re doing differently. And all you’ve done is raise your vibration. And you’ve learned that the energy you project out into the world is what you receive back in kind.

And I know this may be hard to believe. This is one of those metaphysical subjects at which skeptics scoff and science doesn’t really accept. It’s still kind of a “paranormal” concept or “beyond normal.”  Except that it was a scientist that first talked about it over a hundred years ago. If we humans also carry a vibrational frequency, and we have the power to control that frequency, and keeping that frequency high is beneficial to our well-being, safety, and our level of personal power, then don’t we need to learn more about it?

The great news is that we can control. We can learn to understand when our vibration is low and causing us problems and we can learn to raise it deliberately by understanding that our vibration is tied to our emotions. Our emotions determine our frequency. Negative emotions create a low vibration while positive emotions create a higher vibration. This is why learning to be positive is so important! Positive emotions keep our vibration high.

When we find our vibration is low by the things we’re experiencing in our reality, we can raise that vibration simply by working toward changing our emotions. By learning to be more positive. And this is a slow method but very beneficial in the long run. Being positive is a skill that will serve you for the rest of your life. Also, meditation can be very helpful in raising your vibration and it helps in many other ways over time. Learning to meditate isn’t as hard as people think and it can dramatically raise your vibration when practiced every day.  But the quickest and easiest way to raise your vibration right now is to observe gratitude. Keep a gratitude journal every day and learn to see things everywhere in your reality to be grateful for. Write as much in that journal as you can every day and this will raise your vibration within days.

Also, music is a great way to raise your vibration. Listen to uplifting music that invokes positive emotions and good-feeling thoughts in you works very well. Now, when you’re in a very low vibration, uplifting music may actually sound bad to you because at that moment, you’re not a vibrational match to it. But listen to the most positive music you can and keep upgrading to more and more positive music until you’re listening to the most uplifting stuff possible. By the time you make it to that music, you’ll know your vibration has risen significantly. Use the music as a tool and work your way up the ladder. Dancing also works well with the music and adds a physical element as well that seems to help exponentially. Singing or playing an instrument is always good as well. Music is a wonderful tool for your emotional well-being.

As for things you shouldn’t do? Don’t watch horror movies or very dramatic, violent, or negative TV shows. Don’t watch the news or news commentators.  Don’t listen to sad music. Stay away from negative people. Learn ways to manage your anxiety and stay out of states of fear. Staying in a state of fear as with anxiety disorders is the number one way to keep your vibration low.  Feed yourself a diet of positivity and watch how things change in your reality.

You can take all this with a grain of salt if you want to. But if you’re tired of the experience of life that you’re having right now and you’re starting to feel like you might be willing to try and do things differently to see if your life improves, I highly recommend concentrating on your vibration. If Tesla was right, then it’s actually scientific---even though science isn’t acknowledging it yet while it may be the most important knowledge about your well-being you may ever need. There is a lot more information out there about how to raise your vibration. What do you have to lose?


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Bigfoot Research Journal

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