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Saturday, May 9, 2020

More Bigfoot Tracks From Jerimiah Fountain

We have another update from bigfoot researcher Jerimiah Fountain. For those who may not know, Jerimiah has been researching for 20 year and currently has a hotspot for activity in North Carolina. Originally from New York, Jerimiah has experienced bigfoot activity numerous times over the years and is a seasoned outdoorsman. 

What follows is a series of tracks and track casting that were discovered by Jerimiah and his team. I will give some additional information for some of the pictures.

Here we go!
First lets be clear that these were found in North Carolina and near a protected forest. Most if not all of these tracks were found on Sunday (5/3/20). The area itself is very moist and swampy. Plus there has been a lot of rain so far this year. This makes it an idea time to look for tracks.

If you missed out first post about Jerimiah's frightful night, you can catch up and read it by clicking Here

There were various size tracks discovered. It appears the largest track measured 17.5 inches. There were also some 15 and 16 inch tracks. Some of the other tracks from the previous night (Saturday) measured at 13 inches. So, it appears a rather large group of bigfoot is in the area. Maybe they are just passing through or it may be a good hunting area or food source area. It is just really hard to say for sure what they are doing.

In this track (above) you can see what appears to be toes. Notice how the toes are sprawled out. This next photo (below) is really interesting and I have found some similar to it over the years. The water is clear enough to see the track and you can make out some toe definition.

Jerimiah also stayed in the area for some night investigation on that Sunday. He told me the following.

"Caught some wild vocals last night though. Mix between mimics in that chimp like screaming and screeching..... It was windy so that's why they're kind of choppy. "

I was fortunate enough to get to hear the audio and one part in particular really stood out for me. There is one part where you hear what sounds like an owl hooting and right after it you get a whoop that was not made by an owl. It was very similar to whoops I have heard with the exception being it was drawn out more at the end. I found that very interesting. But a Jerimiah alluded to the windy made parts of the recording choppy. But when the whoop happens it was nice and clear. There was some other interesting vocals on the recording as well, just the whoop stood out to me.

I think you can probably see the toes even better in the above picture.
Here is the last picture for this post, there were several more, but we don't want to run the post too long for everyone. This picture show some of the castings. As you may or may not know, anytime you cast tracks in really wet ground it takes longer for the plaster to set up. In some cases, depending on how much moisture is in the ground, it could take well over a hour or longer. If you try to remove the casting before it is set up good, you risk it breaking and falling apart. I have had it happen to me and it is very frustrating because you have lost that track and can't get it back. Luckily for me when it happened there were several other tracks in the line. 

Jerimiah and his team are still exploring the area and are continuing to research it. I thank him for allowing us to share his findings with everyone.
Good luck to him and his team.

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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