Monday, June 24, 2019

Do You Have Alien DNA?

Do You Have Alien DNA?
Reasons To Question Your Origins

By Dorraine Fisher

Back in the 1970’s when scientists had their first glimpse of the big picture of human genes, they saw small bits of strange DNA that seemed to be floating in a weird cesspool of unidentified muck. Since they couldn’t identify it and it seemed to have no function, they labeled it as “nothing more than junk DNA.” And the term “junk DNA” stuck. So, whenever science couldn’t identify the DNA, they called it junk DNA, and it eventually came to be called “alien DNA.” But why do humans have so much curious DNA that can’t be identified?

In these human DNA studies, humans were found to have 46 chromosomes. Two less than all other apes on the planet which have 48. Why? Scientists tell us this is the result of a fusion of chromosomes. And the strange thing about this is that this fusion can only be accomplished artificially, as in a laboratory setting. But what does this mean? It means that there’s a very good chance that we humans were created artificially.

So, are we a species that’s been engineered by other beings? Is our unidentified junk or alien DNA really from actual aliens? Tell us if you identify with some of these characteristics in the following video.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Bigfoot Research Journal

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