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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

When we talk about bigfoot we often get into conversation about if and when giants roamed the land. When it comes to bigfoot many are quick to tie bigfoot to some type of descendant of gigantopithecus. There are some problems with this for many of us. Gigantopithecus, from what we know, appears to be much more ape like in appearance, while bigfoot is more human looking. But the thing is, we are only really guessing at the appearance of gigantopithecus at this point.

So, what if we are looking in the wrong direction. What if bigfoot is a descendant of a human type giant, like in the picture. Lets not get too deep into this but lets learn about this photograph.

Today, I want look at and give more information about the above picture. We know that often times bigfoot DNA samples come back as human, and this is chalked up to mishandling or contamination of the sample. But what if it is actually part of bigfoot DNA? That in fact giants did roam the land and some of their descendants are still here, roaming our forest.

The picture of the giant is actually known as The Martindale Mummies. They were discovered in 1885 in California's Yosemite Valley. They're call "mummies" because there was more than one.
A group of miners, led by G.F. Martindale found the mummies, hence the name. They were found in a cave behind a wall of rock, according to one story. The picture above is the one we see most often, in fact I used it in my documentary film, Bigfoot: The Evidence Files.  

But this picture on the left, was also, supposedly, found in the cave. To me it is a much more haunting picture, that may be why it is not shown as often. The female figure was nearly seven foot tall, standing a whopping Six foot eight inches. And as you can see, she is still clutching a small child. I read where it is the tallest female mummy ever found.

There was also another child mummy that was found, along with the large male figure at the top of this page. I can only guess at the height of the male figure. I would guess, it is around ten foot tall.

Now, there is some variations in the story about these mummies. It is still somewhat of a mystery to their original origins.  And some say it is nothing more than a hoax. More on that later.

One of the reoccurring story lines is that these giants were indigenous to the Yosemite region before the white man came along. Local Native American folklore tells that these giants were known as Oo-el-en or Uwulin. That they were a group of cannibalistic giants that ate Indians.

Where are the mummies and why haven't you seen them?
From what I read the mummies were first placed in the State Historical Society Museum in Topeka, Kansas. Only to be purchased by a Mr. Smith who leased them out to a Mr. Flemming to use in a traveling side show.

It seems that for many years the mummies were missing. Somewhere long about 1945 when they were given to the traveling sideshow, they disappeared from Mr. Smith.

It seems that later on, Mr. Flemming fell on hard times and sold all of this traveling side show, including the mummies.

I'm guessing that somewhere along the way a descendant of the rightful owner reclaimed the mummies or someone became the rightful owner because they were sold, again.

The Martindale Mummies were purchased by Ripley’s in February 1998 from a Dr. Larry Cartmell. Supposedly, the mummies, or at least some of them, are on display at Ripley’s believe it or not Orlando Museum. According to what I read the Orlando site is very large with about 10,000 square feet of exhibits. I have no idea if any of these mummies are still there or not.

Now, Dr. Cartmell had conducted test on these mummies, some in the form of x-rays. According to Arthur C. Aufderheide the x-rays revealed nails and clay. There are a few books about these particular mummies and I invite you to make up your own mind about them. Here is Mr. Aufderheide's book about mummies.
The Scientific Study of Mummies by Arthur C. Aufderheide

Even if the Martindale mummies are just fakes we know there has been numerous other findings of giant bones all around the world. It only stand to chance that these giants were probably more on the human side. It just seems more feasible to me that bigfoot is related to a human giant than to gigantopithecus. 

I really wanted to bring out the information about the Martaindale mummies more that I wanted to get into what bigfoot is or isn't. But as ramblings would have it I have crossed over into the "more questions, than answers" part of my mind. But from what I have seen of bigfoot, and the witnesses I have talked to, it does not appear to have a connection with gigantopithecus to me.

Well, I will go ahead and close out this post, I hope you got something useful out of it. If there are errors and omissions please forgive me, I have a spiral ham hang over. :)

Have a happy day.  


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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  1. Imagine seeing North America through the eyes of the people who were here in the time of King Solomon!


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