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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Science Vs. The Psychics - Are You Psychic?
Why We’re All Psychic And Science Has Missed The Point

By Dorraine Fisher

The above photo is the picture of the somewhat humorous and classical view of a supposed psychic: the gypsy fortune teller. And for hundreds of years, this has been what people thought about when they heard the word psychic. And no group used it more than the scientific community, as a definition of what a psychic really is. So you can’t blame them for scoffing. But there’s a real and true type of psychic that is quite obviously real and science will have to eventually drop the old definition and start over with a new one. Because science is inadvertently leading us there, albeit kicking and screaming. We just have to be clear on the definition of what a psychic REALLY is. And that’s not the easiest thing.

There is an innate sense of knowing that we all have inside us, and most of us don’t trust it very much because we’re actually taught not to.  I know you’ve experienced this. It’s that moment when you’re trying to decide what to do about a problem or situation. And you get caught between what you just know deep inside you vs. what logic dictates you should believe.   But the rare ones who DO learn to trust their intuition report some amazing results.
But I think the reasons science has so much trouble with the idea of psychics is that science needs a precise and clear definition of what a psychic is. And then they have to have a testing process  But there are so many different kinds of psychic abilities and so many different types of psychics that there is no clear cut definition. Science wants to be able to determine between black or white, psychic or not psychic, and to put it to the test.  And with psychics there’s a whole LOT of gray area. So, in the absence of the kind of evidence they want and the subjective nature of the subject, scientists often reject the the whole thing entirely because they can’t weigh and measure it.

But in the absence of science, we need to get past the idea that a psychic is some kind of supernatural being.  Instincts and intuition, the key components of psychic abilities,  are considered real even though no one has ever laid a finger on them. They are universally accepted by everyone and they ARE true psychic abilities. We don’t always think about them that way because they’re so familiar to us, but that is what they are. So imagine that there are people who are able to take instincts and intuition to a higher level than the rest of us. It’s now widely believed that humans do in fact have a sixth sense. And some have even suggested we have others too.  Maybe many others that we haven’t been able to tap into. Or maybe some of us are able to tap into them and others can’t.  This is what makes a precise definition so difficult. There are many types of psychic abilities. There are varying degrees of skill in different individuals. And some will have a certain psychic skills while another has completely different psychic skills. Not all psychics are created equal and not all psychics are cut from the same cookie cutter.

So, are you a psychic too?  Here are the four primary sensory perception abilities. See if you relate to any of them.

Clairvoyance: Or clear seeing. You see pictures inside your head that may indicate some hint of a future event or situation. This is the most popularly known and also the most misunderstood of all psychic abilities because many believe a clairvoyant should be able to get a clear picture of the future. But it doesn’t work that way. You may get nothing more than an image in your mind of a shape or color or light or flash of an image that may just leave you confused. That is, until the intention of the visions make themselves known. And many people who have this ability may actually refuse to see it. They may brush it off as being nothing, simply because they didn’t have a clear, mind-blowing vision of future events that is understood as classic psychic abilities, like those we see on TV.  But sometimes, if they can open up their minds and learn to trust it, it can become more highly developed. I often wonder how many people simply deny this ability for an entire lifetime never knowing their real power.

Clairsentient: or clear feeling. This is the classic empath. This is a person that is very sensitive to the energy around them. They receive intuitive messages through feelings, emotions and physical sensations. They can feel other people’s emotions and energies, which can often make their lives very uncomfortable. Empaths can become exhausted, anxious and overwhelmed in big crowds because they may pick up emotions from many people all around them. And empaths are often made fun of for being too sensitive or unable to deal with the turmoil of everyday life on earth because they feel everything so much. This can lead to so many empaths denying the gift they’ve been given and believing it to be a curse. They’re actually taught inadvertently that there is something wrong with them. But empaths are the ones that can also sense danger and avoid some harrowing situations because they can feel negative changes in the energy around them before others can. So, is it a curse? I think not. It might be important to note that empaths  are some of the strongest people emotionally, on the planet. They have to be.

Claircognizance: clear knowing. Claircognizants have an inner knowing. They just know things without the assistance of any logic or reasoning.  This is that moment when you feel you can’t trust someone you just met, or that you shouldn’t get on that train. It can come as a sense of urgency or it can be more subtle. But you don’t know how you know, you just know.

Clairaudience: Clear hearing. And this is one is hard to understand because it’s not about actual physical hearing. It’s that little voice you “hear” inside your head that tells you to go north instead of south, or not to open that door. More highly sensitive intuitives like psychics or mediums claim to hear spirit voices, strange sounds, or music.

As far as I’m concerned, if you’ve had any of these experiences, you may be psychic, or at the very least highly intuitive. But I believe that highly intuitive people can also develop and increase their skill level, starting with learning to trust these abilities and not brush them off. I, in my personal experience, have courted discourse or even personal disaster when I’ve brushed these intuitive experiences aside as being just “all in my head.”

So, I think science needs to take another look at this subject with a fresh pair of eyes and a more flexible and inclusive definition. It often appears that scientists believe that all psychics, in order to be a real psychic, much be able to predict all future events and must be able to read everyone’s mind. But just like some people have a stronger sense of smell or hearing than others, some people have stronger or varying psychic abilities.  Just as intuition and instincts exist, it’s not that much of a stretch to believe that there are some people who live on the advanced levels of these abilities, is
it ????


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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