Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Interview With Bigfoot Researcher Sam Deloach

If I'm not mistaken, and I could be, this is our 27th interview with someone from either the bigfoot world or paranormal world in this series. It has been a fun trip and the answers seem to always be interesting.

In this installment we interview Sam Deloach of  High Knob Bigfoot Group. I recently got to meet Sam at a couple events in Harlan,Ky. Sam is a very nice guy, I hope you enjoy this interview.

Start interview....
TM: How long have you been researching/studying bigfoot?
SD: My name is Sam DeLoach, I'm a Bigfoot researcher from High Knob,Va that has been studying the Woodbooger since 2012.

TM: What got you interested in Bigfoot, Was there a particular event that got you started?
SD: I got interested in Bigfoot through the "Virginia is for Lovers" episode from Finding Bigfoot. I also have family that owns land on High Knob,Va. We have had Vocalizations and that is what really got into research.

TM: During your research/studying of Bigfoot, have you ever encountered aggressive behavior or felt in danger from a bigfoot?
SD: I have never encountered a Bigfoot therefore I have had no aggressive behavior.

TM: It seems Skeptics are always ready to attack bigfoot research, How do you deal with it?
SD: My goal is to find and document evidence of Bigfoot. I could really care less what skeptics think.

TM: Would you like to see Bigfoot accepted and/or proven to the general public?
SD: Yes. I would like to see DNA/body evidence produced to the public. I am in no way for killing this creature but I'm afraid that is what it is going to take to be accepted by science and the public.

TM: What is your favorite time of year to research/study bigfoot, When do you have your most success?
SD: My research is all year long. My successful months are between April and October.

TM: Do you have a favorite Bigfoot story or report?
SD: My favorite Bigfoot report is my own from our private land. We found a trackway of three prints. The video can be found on YouTube under Sam Deloach.

TM: What would you be doing if you wasn't researching/studying bigfoot?
SD: I would be out enjoying nature.

Here is a picture that Sam wanted to share with everyone. It appears to be a very large foot track casting.

A big thanks to Sam for doing the interview. He has a very good area to research in and it is on private land. He is doing a good job with his research and we only wish him continued success.

Sam also recently took part in a couple upcoming bigfoot documentaries, so be on the look out for them.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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