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Thursday, September 8, 2016

The only way I can tell this possible event is to back up a few days and fill in some gaps. First, it is ginseng season and that puts me in the woods several times a week. Often times, I'm in very remote areas. Areas that you can only reach if you walk for a few hours. So, a few days ago I was in an area, an area where I have been many times and didn't really feel as if there were bigfoot in it. I do know there are bigfoot in the general area but I didn't feel like there was any on this particular area of the mountain. I had never really seen any thing that would make me think that bigfoot was in this particular spot.

Well, that changed. I found this really weird stick formation. It almost looked like it was pointing a direction, down the mountain. The one part is a dead tree and it is in the shape of a "Y".  The "Y" shape was turned upside down and over a limb on a live tree. Then, there is a smaller "Y" stick placed above it  and locked together with the larger "Y" and live limb. 

While, I thought this was very odd looking and there seemed to be much too many elements  involved to be a random dead fall, I still passed it off as just a weird random dead fall based on my thoughts that I had not found any signs of bigfoot in this area .

As you can see in the close up, it is kind of odd. The tall dead looking tree is not attached to the upside down "Y", it was just a dead snag standing there.

Now, if my memory is correct, I found this on Sept. 3rd, which was Saturday, day before my birthday. Monday was labor day and my wife was home after working a few early morning hours, so I didn't go out to look for ginseng that day.

Tuesdays, the 6th of Sept. I'm back out in the woods, in the same general area I had found the odd stick thing on the 3rd. Well, it is early in the morning and I'm climbing up the mountain. I hear something moving and I catch a glimpse of a deer walking about 30 yards in front of me. Not sure if it was a buck or a doe, it was not running, just walking away, but the forest was thick enough I could not see much ...just it's butt and back legs.

All that morning, and really the whole time I was in there, I kept hearing trees rustle and leaves rustle but I just passed it off as squirrels moving around. Then, I stumbled upon this large "X" formation, seen in the top photograph. Really, it kind of looks like a double "X". I thought I had better take a picture of it as it seemed out of place. It was in a flat area but almost at the top of the mountain. Well, after taking the picture and studying it over a little bit, I moved on and continued to look for ginseng. I circled around this "X" and dropped down below it. I kept hearing rustling and occasionally a limb snap. But some of that is pretty common in the forest, so I just paid it almost no mind.  Then, I get a really loud and very close wood knock. I was like, hey that was close and I'm pretty sure that was a real wood knock and not a nut falling from a tree. Normally, when a nut falls from a tree you hear it coming down through the leaves and then hitting the ground a few times. But this did not do that ..it was just one very clear and close wood knock sound.

I looked around and studied the area from where I thought the sound had came from, but I did not see anything. After a few minutes, I continued on with looking for ginseng. Then, fairly close to me, I hear a very loud limb snap, as if something heavy had stepped on it. It is a sound I'm familiar with because I'm a pretty good sized person (almost 6 foot 4 inches and 300 pounds) and they snap like that when I step on them. I stopped and looked behind me but I never could see anything.

Not long after this I left and headed back to where I had parked my ATV and returned home. I can not say for sure that any of this was done by bigfoot or that the sounds I heard were done by bigfoot. But with all of this taking place, it makes me really wonder. I wonder if I might have interrupted a hunt early that morning. That the deer I saw at first was the target of a bigfoot hunt and my presence moved the deer out of the area before they could get it. That leads me into another odd find I found today (7th) in the same area. I found, what appeared to be a lot of deer hair. There was no bones or anything left, just a lot of what looked like deer hair. This is in an area where I don't think anyone would be hunting. But of course, someone could have shot a deer and it ran and died but this had to be many months old and it is just now deer season. So what would have killed it?


I, of course, didn't get any of this on camera or audio recorder. When I go looking for ginseng I normally only take a small camera and carry it in my shirt pocket. I get into areas that are really rough and steep and I have to use my hands and arms to keep climbing up or just hold on. So, it is not feasible to carry the extra gear. I do have to carry a small digging tool for digging up the ginseng.

I do think this was most likely a bigfoot in the area but I just don't know it for a fact, because I didn't see it. But things like this will make me more aware from here on out. Just wanted to share that, it was an unexpected event.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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  1. Interesting Tom and it is getting to the best time for their activity in our area in my opinion. Maybe if you're back in the area and hear signs again take some photos around the area in the direction of the noise and post them so we can comb over them. Who knows maybe you'll get one hiding or peeking from behind a tree.

  2. This is quite an interesting information, but I can say that the opponents of this theory will show by sluggishness that this is not true.


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