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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I got the following report in a couple days ago. Riding ATVs and gathering up way back in the mountains is a common activity here in the mountains of Kentucky. I have friends that do this almost every weekend. Even if they don't gather up and party, they ride for hours and sit around talking. So, this kind of activity, riding ATVs and gathering up, increases the chances that someone might see or hear a possible bigfoot.

This report comes from Pike county, Ky. Pike county is Kentucky's easternmost county, it is also the state's largest county in terms of land area. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 789 square miles, of which 787 square miles is land and 1.8 square miles (0.2%) is water.

Here is the report.

-Start Report-

Name: Mark *****

Email Address: On file

State: Kentucky

County: Pike

Date of Sighting: 2007 I think long time ago

Time of Day: 12am at night

Nearest Town: Elkhorn City

Length of Sighting: 10 mins

How many Witnesses: at least two

Any Photos/Videos: nope

Describe sighting in detail: 
Well, me and my buddies were up in a place called Flatwoods, at my cousin old party spot. We just had got there and there was about 5 of us, but only two of us wasn't drunk. I first heard a knocking noise and I ask "hey, did yall hear that"? And my buddy, the only other one that wasn't drunk, said "ya, of course!" The others ones were like "we don't hear nothing" and went on like they was before.

But me and my friend Rob kept hearing the knocking. It went on for at least 10 minutes. It finally quit. My buddy Rob kept saying, "I know what that is" but he wouldn't say what it was. So, I just thought well that just somebody else playing with us all.

Well, about a week later, I went back to that spot and I was by myself. It was a Monday night about the same time. Being on a Monday nigh there should not be anyone up there. I heard the same knocking noise but it was closer. Well, this time I had a spot light. So, I hook it up to my 4wheeler and shined it out. Well, two big orange eyes appeared and they were high off the ground. Needless to say, I high tailed it out of there. I was by myself with no gun on me, not even a knife.
I've been back since then but never heard or see anything again, but I haven't been back at that same time neither. I just haven't had the chance to go at the that same time.

I didn't have no idea what it was until I saw a video with that same knocking sound. I then looked at other videos and I realized that what it had to be. Later, my buddy confirmed to me, that he knew what it was.
Well, anytime anyone wants to see this spot, I can show you but you better have a good 4x4 or 4wheeler cause it is a rough road to it.

-End Report- 

Thanks goes to Mark for submitting his report to us.
Back in 2014, I had another sighting from this general area submitted to me. (Found Here) It happened to some coon hunters and was a very interesting report.
Just for reference, I checked the BFRO website and they have a total of 6 reports from this general area, with the most recent being in 2010. So, it appears that there is bigfoot activity in this area.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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